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Packing It Up!

So here I am packing shit up and getting it together to go out to Cali for the week. I’ve also taken the time to clean up a bunch of shit that’s just been laying around for a long time. Stuff left over from my relationship with Adam (Pictures here and there, etc.). Not that I’m taking them down, just moving them and stuff like that.

I’m also cleaning off my bookshelves of stuff that I’ve accumulated over the years, Boy Scouts and gays, hot boys, etc. Nothing to interesting, but I’ve already thrown out two garbage cans full of shit.

Now I’m cooking pasta to take with me tomorrow. Yummy!

In other news there’s been a few things that I’ve been meaning to write about…. First is the Sexopedia, which I think would be a fun book to have.

Secondly in sex class the other day, we were talking about porn and shit, and someone asked the question if women are turned on my two guys going at it, like men are turned on by two women going at it… It was hilarious because the professor started going off about some study and then like the WHOLE population of women in the class just screamed out….. “NO!!!”

It was really funny.

Then later in class, the prof put up a picture of an obviously a guy on the bottom (You could see his penis) and then someone on the top (All you could see was back and butt.) I immediately said…”That guy has a nice ass.” And wasn’t two worried that it was a homosexual couple.

It was up there a couple seconds, more then enough time for people to initially react to it being two guys… When the professor said, “That’s a homosexual couple.”….. As soon as he said that you could hear a majority of the guys going, “Gross” or “Ewwww” or something along those lines.

It was really annoying because JUST THE DAY BEFORE we had had a gay panel come in and talk about homophobia and stuff and the WHOLE week before we talked about gay issues. It really disturbed me that the class obviously hadn’t listened or taken anything away from that class. Very annoying.

Also Tuesday we had a group meeting for my MGMT group, I don’t remember if I complained about it, but only three of five group members showed up. And the two that were missing were the two that typically DON’T show up. So the three of us sent out an e-mail (which I wrote) saying:

Hi Everybody,

We seem to be having a problem with everyone attending group meetings as
well as class. We also do not hear from people when they do miss class.

Just in case anyone hadn’t noticed we do have a large project coming due
soon (3 weeks) and we really need everyones participation at the fullest,
as this project can’t get done witout it.

We have already assigned each of you a part in the project to do, but have
yet to see any outcomes from your labors.

From now on, if you are going to miss a class or a group meeting we ask
that you please send the group an ( e-mail so that
we will know and can plan accordingly. Also in your e-mail please include
any infomation which you have found along with any write-ups you have done
for the project.

We also sent out this e-mail to our member gone missing (Haven’t seen or HEARD from her in WEEKS)
We have not heard from you since the test, if we continue to not hear from
you by the end of this week, we will have to assume that you have dropped
the class and discuss with Monica actions needed to remove you from our
group presentation.

Please be in contact with us ( as soon as possible.

Which I admit, those might be a little mean, but we felt it needed to get the groups ass in gear. We have a VERY short time to write this paper which is a HUGE portion of our grade (LIke 30%) and it’s NOT an easy paper to write….

Well we got this e-mail back from our group member today….

hey guys
i know i have missed several classes and i apologize for it and hope for your
forgiveness.  my absences are partly due to depression and lack of motivation.
i was diagnosed with depression four years ago due to my diabetes and family
history of it.  my depression is not something that i like to share, but in this
case it is important that everyone knows about my medical condition. i have
seen my doctor and have gotten my medication switched around and am starting to
feel like myself again.
don’t worry about my contributions to the group projects.  i am researching and
typing things up so i am doing my part. i am not going to leave you guys
hanging. i am going to try to get back to class this week and will hopefully
not miss anymore.

again, i am sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you guys.

Ok, first off, I’m sorry she’s depressed and un-motivated… But she shouldn’t have waited THIS FAR INTO THE SEMESTER to say something to our group. This is very rude of her I feel, and is there was such a problem she should have SAID something to us LONG before now so that we could have known and helped and talked to her about her part of the project. Instead of NOT RESPONDING to e-mails and not coming to class and missing group meetings.

Secondly, because she’s depressed is NO REASON to have missed so much class or so many group meetings. I was severly depressed ALL THROUGH HS but the ONLY times I ever missed class was when I was actually SICK. I understand what it’s like to be depressed and maybe even suicidal, but that’s no excuse for not contributing to a group project. Also if she’s this bad off, maybe she shouldn’t be in college, and should be taking time off to get her life together.

Third, is she’s actually working, then WHY has she NOT responded to ANY group e-mails about tasks, or sent us ANY type of corrospondence letting us know she’s working. I highly doubt that she is working, and will be very anxious to see what we have in store.

Alright, end of my ranting about that.

Tonight we had a group meeting for my Yucatan class, and Omar admitted that his “roommate” was gay. He also asked me if I went out to Redlight this weekend, even asked what day I would have gone out when I told him I hadn’t. I wonder if he was there. I just wish he would wear a sticker saying “Straight/Gay”. Grrr.

Other then that, my night has been pretty Blah!

OH, I also talked to my History prof today… Who by the way Stuck her tounge out in class and said, “My tounge is HUGE”. It was completely random and hilarious!… Well the point of this story though is that, I talked to her and she said that even though I didn’t do the best on my mid-term (39/50) I’m still doing bery good, so that’s exciting. Also she gave me a thing to make up the participation that I’ll be missing next week, so I have to get that done.

Well Laters all.

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