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Why’s it so COLD!?!?

Today’s been a bit arrravating. I guess.

Things overall have been going good, much better then the start of the week.
So that’s a plus. But other things havn’t been going so good.

Last week sometime, Andrew got me started on my dream, once again. Owning a
consulting firm, a specialized one. I talked to Barb today about it, and she
said she deffinitally thinks there’s going to be a market for it. So that’s
promising information. Though she says that what I want to do, I’ll have to
do a lot of volunteer work to get started into it. In other words, I have to
get my foot in the door by doing it for free to start, and then move on to
charging, and actually getting the business aspect of it going.

She did give me a lot of tips though as to how to get into it, and also how to
get started in it. Also told me of some classes that I should take, either at
a Community college, or a junior college. I woudn’t have to go to a real
college, or get another degree. Just get some expertise in some other areas
of the business which I want to get into.

She also said that I may be to limiting in wanting to focus on Open Source
solutions. Because the clientele that I’m looking at is very bad at changing
things. But I think that I can get it into their heads. I just have to have
the authority to do it. Whereas here, I don’t have that authority. Also good
news was that she has contacts in the area that I’m looking at going moving
too, so that’ll also help with getting my foot in the door.

Anyways, the aggravting part of the day was Nazanin. We got the second rack in
today, and also a few other things. I have my ideas of how it should be set
up, and it’s the way that this thing SHOULD be set up. She on the other had
has stupid ideas of how it should be done. Very annoying. She won’t listen to
me at all about it.

I also found out that she doesn’t like the way that my office is set up and
she wants to re-arrange it. Not from her, but from someone else. I have a
feeling that one of these days, I’m going to come into my office and find it
all completely changed. I won’t be happy about that.

I moved my office to the way that it is now, because I was sick of people
coming in behind me and scaring the shit out of me. I was also very VERY sick
of her, because she would always come in and stand right behind me and just
stare over my shoulder and not say/do anything. It was very annoying and I
hated it.

If she wants to know what I’m doing, all she has to do is ask!!!

Now I’m on the phone with Dell Tech support, because our Harmony server is
VERY VERY loud. I mean, yeah, rack mount servers are supposed to be fairly
loud. But this one is very unaceptable loud. So I’ve called them three or
four times, and complained and each time they come up with a different
answer. The first time it was that sometimes the fans spin at 10,000 RPMs
when they should be spinning at 6500-7500 RPMs. So I checked into that, and
they were all indeed spinning in the acceptable range. The second time I
called in they asked me to do a hardware check to be sure they were all
running correctly…

The guy instited that “correctly” was different from the acceptable RPM range.
So I did the test which he asked me to do, which took a few hours, and they
were STILL way too loud.

Called back, the third time, they said to update the BIOS and EPM software, it
was supposedly a software problem. So hung up, went and did that… STILL

So Now I’m calling back, and told the guy off. He says he’s doing “research”
now. Mostly because I told him esactly where on his website to go to learn
about the problem that we’re having, Because it’s been complained about
before, and there’s a ton of people complaining about it on their own forum,
and also on the google forums. I’ll report aobut his “research” once he’s

Had a Poli Sci test on Thursday, it went alright. Though they changed up the
Essay/EC from the last test, so I didn’t study what I should have. I studied
the same types of things that they asked about on the last test, for this
test. Because on the last test, the essays were about WWI, and if it was
inevitable or not. Well this time, even though we covered WWII and the Cold
War and he had slides JUST like the WWI slides, the essays weren’t about

Very annoying.

Anyways, I have to leave. So I’ll finish this later

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