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Hot Bus Driver

So what has Chris been up to all weekend??

Sitting in computer labs, writing papers, drinking coffee and studying for tests.

That sums it up, so unless you want details. Stop there. 😛

So lets see, Friday I didn’t really do anything, I came home, rented a movie, it was really stupid. Called It was a total waste of time.

The dell guy didn’t have any other answers by the way. So I bitched at him for a while about that. Then talked to Ron about the new part-timers that Nazanin’s looking at hiring. I hope she picks the right guy. The two guys that she had there, weren’t at all good people for the job. One had NO experience. So again, same boat as what I had with the people we have now, the other was a total windows freak.

Anyways, Saturday I got up and spent the whole day/afternoon in the carver computer lab. Got 7 pages done for my MIS paper. So that’s good. Also researched a lot of other stuff.

Got kicked out at 6. Who knew they closed??

Came home, ate and then headed down to JJ’s for a while. Stopped at home shortly. They have a new piano. Who’s going to use it? No one. Waste.

Good time at JJ’s though It was very sad. There was a new group of gay boys in the seats that our princess crew used to sit at. They were so much like us. We’ve all moved on and been replaced by a younger generation. Lets hope they do well.

The whole experience of being downtown again was sad. I hadn’t been there in so long, and yet it was all still the same, just younger people there. Very weird.

It made me excited to move, but at the same time. I’m really going to miss JJ’s and just hanging out in Downtown DM.

Came home, and crashed for the night.

Today, got up, and went back to Carver. Spent a large part of the day there. Came home for a couple hours, and didn’t really do much here. Got CVS back up and working though. So that’s good.

Went back to Carver about 6ish and had a group meeting. Done with that at 8, with nothing accomlished. I’m kinda scared for that paper.

Now I’m home again.

I swear that all the hot bus drivers work on the weekends. Cause every bus that I’ve been on today, has had a REALLY hot boy driving it. Usually it’s fat nasties. lol

Also, I’ve talked to Andrew a lot this weekend, it’s been really nice.

Especially the phone call I got last night about midnight, that was really sweet. And I can’t wait to get to see him again!!! 😀

And with that, I’m out.

Laters all.

Who knew that Guiding Light First aired on the radio in 1937, and is now celebrating 51 years of being on TV!

Isn’t it about time for that show to end???

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I knew that about Guiding Light (which is actually newer than As the World Turns, I believe). My mom grew up with As the World Turns, and watches both now. I don’t think they’ll ever end. It’s a vicous cycle without reruns or something.

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