April 2, 2001

pril 2, #3. well my pu’s just got my contract for my summer job. it’s really

fucked up. he said 1200/wk on the phone and now they are saying 1200 for the

_entire_ summer, that’s 10 weeks, 109 hours a week for 1200, you do the math.

but i think it should be a really fun job, so i think i’ll take it. i mean,

not like i don’t really need the money, i can live on that for a year, well

maybe not if i get into where i want to, but i know i’m going to get a job

next year, no matter where i do end up. but speaking of places that i’ll end

up. i got the housing application to unl today. ::shudders:: it’s ok i guess.

my mom said though that if i do go there, i might get to live in off campus

housing, so that would be cool, yeah, it would be. lol.

April 2, 2001

pril 2 #2, goddamnit i hate my programming professor. that mother fucker.

so i just got my lab back, you know the one that could have been done in like

2 pages of code, but i did it in 10 cause i idiot proofed it, well you know

what the fucker did cause i went to that extra work, he fucking took 5 points

off the goddamn thing, 5 goddamn point. ARG. he said i "didn’t follow

the directions" HELL NO i didn’t i got the fucking program to do what

the directions said to do, and more, programming is about thinking out side

the box, well here they are keeping you locked tightly inside the fucking

box, the bastards. ARG. ARG. ARG. damnit. ok enough ranting. bubye.

April 2, 2001

arpril 2, yeah, so it’s monday, eh.i hate mondays, i really do. ya know i

like this win2k thing, there’s this task manager that’s alot like the linux

top and ps commands, i like that, i can kill processes, just for the hell

of it, but ya know what i realized whtn ever i type my cpu usage jumps to

100% but as soon as i stop typing it drops to 25%. which is what it’s at for

just normal operation, i dunno, it’s odd. only 2 more days tell danny’s b-day,

yay, lol. i’m kinda lost as to what to do, i’d like to send him something,

but since i don’t have a mailing addy, damnit. lol. oh well, i’ll think of

something cool to do, lol. maybe. i suck at gifts and shit. i hate most holidays,

especially my b-day, so yeah. i think holidays should be about just spending

the day with someone you love, and not getting of giving all these damn gifts,

maybe i just think that cause i hate shopping for other people, but yeah,

that’s my view on that, lol. so i saw j this morning, but i didn’t get a chance

to talk to him, he had a bunch of females hanging off him, literally. yeah,

lol. currently i have 8,689 e-mails. lol. just thought everyone would love

to know that. i’m thinking i’ll hit the 10,000 mark by the time schools out.

lol. yeah, other then that it’s been damn boring here. i did my programming

assingment that i forgot about untill like just now, it was so fucking easy,

you just had to copy the code out of the book, it’s like, what the fuck’s

the point of this, damnit? there was an article somewhere about colleges just

creating programming drones to site in there cubecells. and yeah, that’s what

this college is doing, it’s all just a bunch of dumb shits that they are making

programming drones for shcwans and stuff, you know alot of the IT department

at schwans graduated from here, we had one of them come and talk to us in

class and she was dumber then shit too. so yeah. i rest my case, lol. i like

jabber, everyone must get it.

April 1, 2001

April 1, #2. so i just saw j in the hall way, damn he’s so cute.

i wish i weren’t so shy, lol. I’m like 99% sure though that he’s not gay or

anything, and even if he was i probably wouldn’t even have a chance. damnit.

oh well. i hope i see him tomorrow morning in the tc, i’ll talk to him there.

everyone must get jabber, damnit. it’s fucking cool. andright now it happens

to be working with aim, so i’m all happy. it’s really pretty cool, i like

it, danny got it now too, so yeah. lol oh, i’m going to start a new format

for this month and see if i like it, i’m going to start putting the new things

at the bottom of the page. just to see if i like it this month, i dunno. i’m

already not really liking this, but we’ll see. yeah, i’m going to bed now,


April 1, 2001

April 1, well it’s april fools day, i hate this day, i really do. arg. i

slept in today, that felt nice, i’m still damn sore though. arg. it sucks.

i can barely walk at all. i really need to get out and run more, lol. oh well,

not much goingon here yet, it’s 1:03 (did everyone do that stupid clock thingy?)

i hate that to, why can’t we all be like AZ and not change our clocks? maybe

i’ll move there, so then i don’t have to put up with that stupid clock shit,

yeah, that’s a good idea, lol. it’s really nice out today, almost all the

snow is gone off the ground exept the HUGE piles from where the plowed the

parking lot, but those are getting smaller everyday. i really love spring.

i do. lol.