Leopard is Failing me….

Leopard is failing me… I installed it the day it came out, and I really enjoy it. But there’s just so many unfinished items in it.

First was the Green Screen of Death.

Then, I wanted to test out Time Machine. I took my external drive that I’ve been using for backups forever. I reformatted it and then turned on Time Machine and told it to use that drive. The first backup worked great! After it was done, I was able to enter into that wonderful timewarp thing. But then, I couldn’t get back out! I clicked the “Cancel” button, nothing. I pressed “ESC” on my keyboard, nothing! I pushed the power button, NOTHING. I had to hold the powerbutton to force a power off…

The next day, I tried a new backup. I plugged in the same drive… And it chugged for a minute and then froze my entire computer! I couldn’t do anything. I had to force a power off. There have been other reports of this.

So that’s just annoying. Then I plugged in a different drive and Time Machine poped up asking if I wanted to use it as a backup drive. I clicked “No” and then tried ejecting the drive and my computer froze!

I am also having issues with Frontrow. I can get into it just fine, I can move around and access everything just fine. But as soon as I try and exit and get back to the desktop. My computer freezes completely.

Next, if I try and view a folder with lots of Images/PDFs in Finder, the whole computer freezes up again!

Then this morning, I was working on my computer and then went to finder and suddenly my computer thinks it has two identical drives in it!


Lastly, I love having a fast connection!!!
My home connection:

My work connection:

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  1. yeah — i’m still not 100% about leopard. my illustrator crashes pretty much everyday, it didnt used to do that.

    i hope yours gets better.

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