Kill -9

These guys are uber nerdy! I love it!

Hmm, I’ve been out every night this week. Although not really _out_. Hung out with Erick again and we watched Ellen’s Stand up. Good times. Thursday I went out with Ben to The Gabe Dixon Band. Really good band. I enjoyed it. After that we met up with Will and went to a couple bars to just chat and hang out in Weho.

Thursday I also had an interview with the University of Chicago – Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics. There were 5 people on the interview, 2 of which had heavy accents and I couldn’t understand them and they kept asking me questions. I really enjoyed talking to them. It sounds really cool. But we all know I’m afraid of that sort of major move so even if I do get the job I’ll probably stay here.

Remember that house that we put an offer in on back in Jan? Well we didn’t get it back then, but it’s still on the market and my Realtor just told us that the owner is going to pay for all the upgrades that we wanted. So were putting in another offer soon. Not exactly sure when, as I’m also looking at a few houses here in the LA/OC area.

This weekend is very busy. 70 miles tomorrow, then a comedy show if I can get the free tickets. Sunday is 30 miles and then perhaps another comedy show with Ben.

I really need money people. PLEASE donate! I’ve sent some of my readers e-mail cards, but they keep getting sent back (Spam filter). Every dollar helps!

My cats got a hard core combing today, they hate me now. 🙁

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