My Life

My Kneeeeeee!

So this weekend was really short. Flew past. But I was in pain for most of it.

I did that 70 mile ride with JC and Nick. It was a good time, but about 50 miles into it, my knee started to HURT! It felt like someone was sticking me with a needle every time I moved it. So much pain. But I made it through the ride. It was good riding with them!

Got home from that about 5:30 and ate dinner and spent the night on the couch. Got to bed about midnight. Sunday I spent the whole day on the couch again. Went out that night to see a stand up comedy by Mary Lynn Rajskub with Ben. It was pretty good, but seemed really un-put together.

My aunt sent me this really cool link about the 2007 blizzard in Iowa. Pretty cool! Wish I could have been there to see it!

When did America become a nation of frightened wimps

That is all.

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