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A couple weeks ago I wrote a Digg widget. I posted the widget to where it got a total of 5 diggs! Only 5!

Well over the weekend, someone made a request for a wordpress digg widget. which got a total of 725 Diggs. Clearly this person didn’t do any searching because a quick google search returns my widget as the FIRST return!

A couple hours late someone wrote a bad implementation of the idea (which violates Digg’s usage agreements). This plugin got 511 Diggs!!

So what happened here? Why did a bad plugin get so many diggs when my plugin only got 5! I blame the way that digg is setup. With 4,500+ upcoming stories at any given time, something has to happen pretty quick for your story to get anywhere.

I try to do my part. At some point throughout the day, I go through the first 10 pages of upcoming stories to see if there’s anything good there. However, you have to move very quickly or else once you click over to the next page, half of the “new” page are stories from the previous page.

I think that someone needs to “lock” the upcoming stories for 5-10 minutes to give you time to move through the pages. Or something!

So the real question here is.. What’s your method of finding and promoting upcoming stories?

All together, I love digg. 🙂

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