Sunken City, Germany & LifeCycle – UPDATED!

UPDATE: Photos are now online… AND Go check out my LifeCycle Page. And be sure to DONATE! 🙂

Well it’s official! I am going to GERMANY! I leave on Nov 17th and return Nov 23rd. Should be a GREAT trip! I can’t wait. Going to go hit up a book store this afternoon to buy a travel guide. I think that Jason is a bit pissed about it though. But he hasn’t been expressing any interest in it, has been completely uncooperative in my attempts to plan with him and just keeps putting things off, so I decided to just book with the person I knew could come and if he can fit it in then great! The more the marrier. But I wasn’t going to wait around while he ponders back and forth about it without giving any real answers.

I also had a meeting last night for LifeCycle and I am now officially signed up! The people there were VERY friendly and so nice, so yeah. Plus it was $20 off the registration. YAY! So be looking for me to hit you up for money SOON! I have to raise $2,500!!! 🙂

After that I had a meeting with this other guy about webstuff. It was a bit entertaining when he admitted he was gay as well. I kinda had a vibe, but wasn’t sure. And no, this was not one of the many dates, this guy has a bf and is older then I. It was strickly a business meeting. Ohhh, I had amazing Pumpkin pie while there! I highly suggest going to this place: Susina Bakery. 7122 Beverly Blvd (Cross Street: La Brea Avenue) Los Angeles, CA. Amazing food! And they had Coffee Marshmallows! It’s rated one of the top 10 bakeries in LA. If only I lived closer!

I didn’t get home till 10 and then worked till shortly after midnight. Got up this morning and am working till 7pm in NB. Gooood times y’all!

Check out Wikimapia.

Oh, Wed I went to this place called Sunken City in San Pedro with this guy Eric, he was cute and nice. I haven’t heard from him since or seen him online. I assume that’s a go no. lol. Pictures will be up on the photodump by the end of the night.

I’ve been pretty busy with other things this week, but I just can’t remember what. Sadly I’ve only made it to the gym and the bike trail once this week… Saturday I’m going on a 30-miler with this group from Santa Monica, so that should be good. I was thinking about doing one Sunday as well, but I’m not sure I want to get up at 7am both days of my weekend! Plus I have another business meeting on Sunday. Weeeee


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