Time Warner Cable SUCKS!

So, I wrote about this a while ago. How Time Warner Cable bought out Adelphia and sent a letter, that contained NO INFORMATION. Well I was right, it was an indication of things to come. They’ve increased my bill by $20 a month and service has gotten worse!

I really don’t understand how this could possibly be. They’ve taken over in paper, so what have they changed already on the back end to cause this? I can’t sit down now and watch tv for more then 30 minutes without the picture or sound going out for anywhere between 5 seconds and whole minute! This is insane. The signal goes out nearly EVERYTIME I watch any TV!

The plans for Germany are coming along! I will post an preliminary Itinerary soon. But if you have any suggestions, post them below! We are staying in (formerly East) Berlin and taking a side trip to Potsdam! 🙂 We’ve been speaking with our hostel owner and he’s very friendly and has provided us with some nice information, so that’s good.

I spent my weekend being pretty pissed off and alone. Friday was a HORRIBLE day, I’m not really sure what it was. But I was just pissy! Perhaps it was the late night the day before. Anyways, I didn’t go to dinner with Robert like planned, and just came home and crashed. Saturday I got up at 7am, drove to Santa Monica for the 30 mile bike ride only to find out it was cancelled because of the 60% chance of rain! Bah, so this one other guy and I went off and did it anyways. Got home, called my dad and talked to him and then spent the day watching QaF.

Sunday I was going to go on another bike ride in Santa Monica, but it _looked_ rainy, so I didn’t go. But since I Was up anyways I went off to the gym. Worked out hard core and am VERY sore now! ::ouch:: I then baked a Pumpkin Pie and then did a short bike ride. I also watched more QaF. It got me excited for the cold, so that I can bundle up and be cute! 🙂

For the first time in my life I maxed out a credit card too. Opps. 🙂 Not that I can’t pay it off, but it’s 0% interest till June of ’07. So why not! 🙂 Once I pay down half of it though, I’m going to go out and buy some living room/bedroom furniture. I’m really sick of my bed being on the ground like I’m a poor college student. And my cats of been attacking the couch lately, so it’s getting torn up.

[private]I sent in my first invoice for the new contract job. I honestly feel bad charging him this much. I don’t think he’s expecting it! I talked to the guy who did the site originally and I’m charing him more for the first 2 weeks then he has the whole year he’s been doing it! But alas, I didn’t even charge him for ACTUAL hours, or as stricktly as most contractors would! I just hope that he doesn’t freak out and say he can’t afford it now! I’m kinda counting on having this income to pay off that maxed out credit card! I did however stay well under what we had agreed was the maximum number of chargable hours inside a billing period. So that’s good. [/private]

Ok, I’m out!

3 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable SUCKS!”

  1. If you guys have it out there, you could get direct tv or dish network?

    Germany sounds like it will be a fun trip. So why were you pissy on the weekend. Because of the bike ride being cancelled?

  2. yeah, I’ve been looking into the directv or dish network but since I need cable internet it wouldn’t save me any money because they jack the prices up sky-high if you don’t bundle the internet service. Very annoying. Who’s bright idea is it to let all these merge again in the first place!??!?

    I think I was just pissy because no one ever calls me to do things. I tried making plans with two people and they both just didn’t come through. very annoying.

  3. I know what you mean about being called. Like the guy I ride with, I am only good enough for him when I ride. I still consider him a friend, just wish he would ask me to do something once in a while.

    I was depressed this weekend too about that and having no gays friends to talk too.

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