2 Years!

Hmm, well I sure didn’t plan this, but here I am moing on the 2 year anniversary of my entrance to California.

Crazyness. Everything is all packed up and ready to go, it’s sad seeing my place to empty and shit.

Andrew came over last night, and we all went to the boom with Joel and Ryan. I went out on one condition, that we left by 1. Well, lets just say THAT didn’t even come close to happening. And I was VERY pissed.

Though, I stuffed lots of dollars down a hot boys pants. And Joel and Ryan met lots of cute boys. Too bad I wasn’t in a better mood or I would have chatted with them. Ugh.

Lots of other stuff has happened. But I’m not in the mood to udpated about it. I have to go get dressed and then pick up the truck!


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