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All Moved In

Well I’m all moved in… I’m officially an LA boy now.

The day went well. Andrew and I were up early and I went and picked up the truck. We got an early start packing that up and then Robert was 30 minutes late. So by the time he got there all that was left was the big stuff. So we packed that up and then we all went to lunch. Drove up to RB and unpacked.

Everyone up there was SO NICE! People actually went out of thier way to come knock on my door and introduce themselves to me! The guy upstairs even invited me up to give me tips on how to get to/from my office! It was so crazy!

After that they stayed and helped me unpack which was a HUGE help! It was so great.

About 6ish we headed back to the OC. Andrew and I went to dinner, and then back to my old place to pick up the cats. As we were leaving I started to cry a bit… As much as I hated it, I’m going to miss it.

As I was driving up the 405 to my new place the sunset was amazing with a huge bright orange sun setting just over the horizon on the 405… As I drove off on my last time as an OC boy… I had tears most of the way back, but no where near as bad as the Iowa -> Cali trip 2 years ago…

I slept ok, but woke up a few times throughout the night.. at one point I caught Tux climbing the window screen! Damn cat… I can already tell they are NOT happy about not having anywhere to sit and look out the window.


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