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Music vs Conf Calls

Day #3 at the new place.. Things have been going well. I’m really enjoying my new place.

Yesterday after work I went home and went for a bike ride along the beach. So many hot boys! 🙂 Yum yum. I’m really going to have to hit the gym more to be able to keep up with these hotties! 😀

After that I went and sat on the beach for an hour and read. I wanted to stay longer, but I had way too much work to do.

Like I said, everyone in my complex is so friendly, like when you see people out and about they all say HI, the guy upstairs came over last night and we talked and he gave me some tips of how to get to the office. I’m really liking the area.

Speaking of, work is ok. But annoying. The people at the new office are SO bitchy! Yesterday morning I got here at 5:30, and had my music going. It wasn’t very loud at all, but all of a sudden someone walks past my door and says, “Chris you _have_ to turn that off, it’s driving me crazy.”.. And before I could even LOOK up to see who it was, they were gone… Excuse me bitch! First off, I didn’t fucking know anyone else was HERE at 5:30, when I came in ALL the lights were off. Second, couldn’t you have stopped in and said, “Hey chris, I can hear that in my office, would you mind turning it down?”… To which I would have said, “Yeah, no problem.. I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here.”

Ugh! But then these damn people use the fucking speaker phone for EVERYTHING. Checking VM, making personal calls. And they NEVER shut the doors. So all day long it’s just this LOUD annoying roar of people on the fucking phone. Excuse me, but how is that LESS annoying then my music. It’s not like I’m playing fucking hard core music. It’s STAR/JACK FM type music! Ugh. I also really hate this whole having to wear Business Casual/Pro. Ugh.

Yesterday, I also had to share the office with the VPs and CEO. That was annoying as well. But they are cool guys, so it wasn’t too bad. I got a lot done. But it’s just annoying cause they were constantly wanting updates on what I was doing. Granted we are coming up on a deadline for it, but seriously. Give me some time people! I’m not a machine!

Also the new desk/chair are both very uncomfortable!

Thinking about having a party saturday night. So far 3 people have said they would come. I’m not sure if that’s enough to warrent making them drive up here.

I’m out!

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Glad to hear you are liking the new place. That was pretty rude of that guy about the radio comment. But I suppose that is what it is like in the corporate world.

Hopefully things will get better as you get to know them and them you.

i will be there.

i wish.

speaker phone at your office, its the paging at my office. its ridiculous, “Randy McRandom please dial extention 0983, randy mcrandom… where everyou are at in the building… come to randa mcrandom’s office…”

i’m glad you like where you are living tho. makes me happy!

Ugh that would annoy me even more! I hate people like that! It’s so annoying!

You have to come visit me now that i’m only 1/2 a block to the ocean! 😀 haha.

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