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Stupid people.

Hmm, so what have I been up too? Nothing but work! Work! and MORE WORK!

I’ve been putting in 12 hours days lately. Although I still find time to hit the beach and bike. 🙂 I’m really going to have to put some hard core time into the gym. I’m just not sure when I could fit that into my schedule. Like, I want to do it right after work, since I’m already out and about. But then I miss out on prime beach time. But if I do the beach first, then I’m too lazy to change and go to the gym. Also if I wait then it’s prime gym time and the place is packed. Ugh. Such hard decisions I have in my life!

Yesterday was deadline 1 of my project and it got shown to the AMs. So after work I hung out with Robert and didn’t have to think about it. That was nice for once! 🙂 Deadline 2 is in two weeks, so starting Monday it’s back to coding for 12 hours a day!

It felt really good showing off this project to everyone and they were all like amazed. I took the small requirements they asked for and made this thing amazing. Usually when you get to this part of the project and show them the mock ups they always want to add TONS of things. I only got a few minor requests. So that was really nice feeling. Today I’m just relaxing at work, taking care of some things that have had to be put on hold during the first part of this project.

So yeah, here it is Friday. I’m working in NB today. It’s nice to have my window office back. It gets really bad sitting in the office with no windows. Though, I suppose it’s better then a cube, which I’ll be in soon. :'(

I’m a bit annoyed about today though. The week before Dustin left for home we talked about what I’d do when I came down on Fridays. He graciously offered up his place for me to crash. I’ve been trying to contact him all week to try and figure out what’s going on and he won’t respond at all. I finially got out of him that he is going to the boom, but I still don’t know if I have a place to sleep or not, so it’s kinda annoying.

This seems relevant to today’s drive to OC:

“Pay more attention to what you’re doing. Look down the road ahead of (you) not right at the end of the hood,” Casey said.

The other day I was driving home from work and saw a lady stopped in the middle of a three lane side street… Right behind her was an AAA truck, filling her up with a gallon of gas. Anyone want to venture a guess as to what’s on either side of her? That’s right, A GAS STATION on both sides of the street! Why couldn’t she have just WALKED to either side of the street and purchased a gallon of gas instead of calling AAA!?

Carlito wants to drink in my bed…. ;D lol

BTW, this is hilarious! Lynn Westmoreland is a dumbass!

Ok, it’s seriously taken me all day to write this! I’m out.

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