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It was a gift card!

Yay, it was a gift card! How exciting.

Only thing is that I HATE getting gift cards. I never know what to buy for myself with them. Like, if you go to my wishlist, there’s so many things on there that I’d love to have, but they aren’t things that I would buy FOR myself. They’re things that I want OTHER people to buy for me. So even when I get a gift card like this and it’s “free” money, I can never decide what to buy with it. Now, granted most gift cards it’s a little easier, because it’s for one particular store, however here the problem is that it’s an American Express gift card, so I can use it anywhere for anything! Blah!

I could use it to buy FOOD if I wanted too, or clothes, or DVD’s or shit for my apartment. But now, I’m getting to the point where I have all the needed shit for my apartment, so now i don’t really know what to buy with this money. Nor do I really know what to buy for myself with my own money.

Sure, again I go to stores all the time, and say… “I’d like to have this or that.” But the problem is that I don’t really need this or that. And when I get a gift card, I’d like to spend it on something that I’m going to use a lot. Because, well I feel like I should.

Maybe a new toaster, or some art for my house. Maybe hold it for a while and use it towards a new cell phone. Or if only it were for $500, then I could buy the Apple care that I really want, or buy more then one DVD set that I want… Gah!

Anyways, I’m done complaining about getting free money. I’ll shut up now.

Laters all.

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