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Oh, wait, I mean…. Keep calling me.

So I got a phone call at 8:30 this morning.. I woke up to it and for some reason thought it said 6. Thus meaning 6pm. I was like holy shit, I slept that long already! Cause I had like JUST fallen asleep!

Anyways, I didn’t answer it, but listened to the message…

Now, I’ve been applying to jobs back in Iowa, and well, I hadn’t applied to this comapny who called and yes… Asked for an interview! Woot.

So I’ve got an interview next tuesday to be a sys admin at a company in West Des Moines.

I dunno quite how I feel about it. But I’ll interview and see what they offer.

I also went and spent some of my gift card. I got two tiki torch things for my balcany, and also a new toaster, which is pretty bright red, and a few other misc things from Target. I still have $20 left to spend.

Well, laters all.

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california is so much cooler than iowa.

but i guess we can still be friends if we live in the same state.

But Cali isn’t that great to LIVE in… Sure it’s a nice place to visit and shit. But living here is something different…

Specially living in the OC! It’s horrible!

And yes, we can be friends… That is if you don’t hate me once Andrew comes back. 😛


good luck with the interview. I have cop friend that lives and works in Wes Des Moines.

Thanks, I really like West Des Moines… Plus then I could get a nice loft apartment downtown.. And now that they are renovating the place I’ve wanted to live for years, hopefully I could afford it!


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