Just TELL Me!

Yep… My weekended ==’s boring!!

Friday I didn’t really do anything, ran home to get my cell phone bill. Got REALLY pissed off because USCell charged me for nearly 500 minutes total. Because over all I used 1500 minutes last month… Opps, my bad. They claim I only have 1000 minutes on my plan. For night and weekends. I claim, and my contract says, I get unlimited.

So I call and bitch, I go there and I bitch, I call again and I bitch. But nothing seems to get through to them. So I say fuck this, cancel my plan and get a new phone… It’s so cute too!


Oh, I’m getting a head of myself.

After I bitched at the woman at the store and she told me to “Calm down” I went looking for phones. Decided that verizon was the way to go. Only because Sprint doesn’t have service in a lot of Iowa in which I spend time in, whereas Verizon does… And I can use any or all of my minutes roaming with no additional fees. Again, Sprint would have charged $5 more for that.

Didn’t get anything Friday night though, because it was late and I wanted to sleep on it all. So I went to JJ’s had a coffee and sat and read. No one good was there, except straigh Andy.. And he’s still as hot as ever!

Went home, sat around for a bit then went to bed.

Saturday I got up really early. I don’t know why, I was still very tired. But I got up, drove to Radio Shack here in Ames, and talked to the people there about cell phones. The cheapest one they had was like $80, and it was a monster, even compared to my old Nokia. So I was like screw this. So off to DM I went.

Stopped at MHM, just to see what they had and ended up getting my phone there. It was so cute, and only $40, plus I got a free car charger, headset, and leather case to go with it. The new plan now has 400 anytime minutes, unlimited night and weekend, free long distance, and free nation wide roaming (as long as I’m in theier network, which is pretty much everywhere)…

Anywhere in the red.

After that I headed home… Talked to Andrew in there somewhere, and he won’t even tell me at all what’s in the package that he’s sending, and he won’t tell me when he sent it or anything… ALL VERY ANNOYING! I can’t handle it.

He also has made, or at least is pretty sure he’s made his decision about things. Though he won’t tell me… Grrr.

This weekend I missed him a lot though, or maybe it’s just because I had nothing to do. I watched the simpsons (season 1) and all I could think about was how he used to always quote them, and how funny it was. I also watched the christmas one, and that made me cry. The simpsons are supposed to make you laugh, not cry!!! Very annoying.

But I really did miss him a lot this weekend. I can’t wait tell he comes back. Though I’m kind of hoping that he doesn’t get his job back at WF, no offense to him, or Courtney. But I just don’t want him staying with her. It’s hard to explain, but yeah.

Anyways, we did talk a lot this weekend, which was exciting. And very funny all at the same time.

Well after I went out Saturday, and then off to work out Saturday night, I didn’t leave my apartment the whole rest of the weekend. So yep. That was my weekend.

Now I’m here at work, we got the SSL cert for webmail today, but I didn’t enter the fully qualified address when signing up for it, so it still complains about it not being the right cert. I have to call them and get that fixed today.

Other then that not much going on… Tonight is going to be a really long night though. I have class from 3:40-5, then a review from 5-7, and then I have to study mad from 7-bed time.

I hope I do good on that test tomorrow!! ::crosses fingers::

Laters all.

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