So yeah this weekend has been indeed, very eventful.

I will probably write most of what happened in the public one. But there are a few thigns I want to touch on here.

Ok so Thursday night. I was kinda surprised that Chris actually drank. But I knew he wanted to get drunk. He was so funny, and I’m glad he had a good tiem. Though I guess he was a bit upset by underage drinking which was everyone else except him. But he said it wasn’t too big of ad eal so I just kinda dropped it. Anyways, I was kinda drunk and apparently UBER horny. I was talking really dirty to Chris, and I think he liked that too. He alluded to it later, so . yeah. Anyways, I kept saying how much I wanted to have sex and blah blah blah Im sure I made no sense and just sounded stupid. Anyways I finally convinced him to. So we were trying with just wetness and that didn’t really work so he went and got some lotion from the bathroom. Lubed it up and things went swell.

He was on top and then we did it doggy style which I thought was really hot, plus it was hot to begin with since it was so scandalous. Eventually I had to cum and I just came inside him and it felt really good and I hope it did for him too. So that was that. Then I jacked him off and he came and then we went to bed. Woke up like an hour later and Jaime was up and getting ready. So eventually we rolled outta bed and that was all good. The rest will be on public.

Let’s see what’s next for privateness….? Well the next morning we were at his apt. and started messing around again. My sis said she would be there in 10 minutes so for some reason we thought it would be a smart idea to try and squeeze in a quickie. So yeah, we did. But then she called so we just decided to jack it real quick, so we did and both came in like 2 minutes. Very hot and scandalous. but fun as well. Next up on privates…..

We had a fight Friday night. I would callt aht our first real fight. He was mad b/c I was a bitch in the car and then happy when we got to bowling so he thought it was something he did and got all upset. We kinda yelled at each other on the way home and that was sad b/c I didn’t like fighting with him. But it wasn’t really a big deal every couple has their fights. That night, when we got back to my house, something just snapped in me and I just started crying and I could’t really control myself. So we layed in bed and Chris held me and comforted me and I just sobbed. Yeah, I really don’t know why. I was just stressed and then with us fighting and stuff it was too much for me. But I’m ok now!

I guess the next thing to private update about is tonight. We had a really good day (ended up making love again) and we were laying in bed and somehow it came up that it would be the last time that I would be in Ames.

Brian Kinney 86: u have any naked ones
Auto response from SqUaLL0112: Packing up my room.. *sniff sniff*….
Brian Kinney 86: or a webcam
SqUaLL0112: no, i have a boyfriend
SqUaLL0112: im not sure hed want me webcamming with another guy
Brian Kinney 86: shhh
SqUaLL0112: whats that mean?
Brian Kinney 86: dont tell him
SqUaLL0112: well considering i really care about him, and hes a really great guy, my vote is no

Sorry that was random, but what a fuckface! Don’t tell him my ass! Why are some people so stupid.

Anyways, so the me being last night in Ames thing really upset Chris and he started crying. So I held him and said everything would be alright. I was trying to put him in a better mood, and I think I did, at least partially by talking about how if he was fat, he’d just have to jiggle his belly and I’d fly off and other crazyness. I hope it at least made him smile. Anyways, of course my tears were coming a little bit. I thought about abandoning myself and just letting loose, but I kept it inside. However, now I do feel like crying. We also decided that we are gonna have “the talk” on Wednesday about what’s gonna happen. I just want to have it before we go to NJ/CA. It would be better that way.

Anyways, lots more kisses and talking and a litle more crying and we ended up at the door. I forget how it came up, but Chris said that he took down the pics of me b/c it was too much for him to see. So I told him that the reason the the pics were even up was to remember the happy times, and not the sad. And then he started crying again, and I was upset too. He said he took them down last night when he was up b/c they made him too sad. I was sad about that, I hope he puts them back up.

After I left, I thought I had better do something nice for him, I really thought he just needed me to show him I care. So with my quick thinking, I popped over to Hy-Vee, tried to get roses but the stupid bitch working wasn’t there, so I just grabbed some carnations, waited in line forever, and drove back over to his house. I knocked on the door and jumped up the stairs so he wouldn’t see me in the peep hole cause I know he always looks! So then I jumped down and gave them to him, and he seemed pretty surprised. I spent 10 or so minutes there, and we put them in a cup and stuff and I hope he enjoyed them. He seemed pretty thankful and told me how much he loved me 🙂

Hopefully he is feeling better aboutt hings already.

Well I think that’s about it for privates. If there is anything else, I will be sure to note. Now on to public!

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