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One More Week…

What a LONG weekend… But very very good.

This update is going to be really long… (Everyone ready?)


Ok, first I’d like to complain about this morning so far. I got up late and came into work late, mostly because I’m only working 8 hours a day this week, because I’m not taking any days off, so yeah. No need to work 10 hours and have a whole day off or anything.

Well over the weekend Barb had opened an attachment with a virus, so I had to take care of that first thing this morning… Luckily I couldn’t sleep Saturday night (more on this later) and had sent her instructions as to what to do. So when I got here she was already taking care of that. Not that big of a deal really.

So I came into my office and was doing my normal stuff, then Nazanin comes in and she’s like, “What’s the Vermont Password.” and I’m like, “It’s the same it’s been for months now.” And then she’s like, “Well I can’t log in.”

Grrr, she’s just so stupid. So then I tell her the password, and she’s like, “It’s supposed to be 3’s and not E’s”.

Now, I don’t remember if I bitched about it when it was all happening, but I WANTED the 3’s and she insisted on the E’s in the password. So then she get’s all bitchy about it and goes literaly grabs my keyboard and changes it herself.

Then she’s like, “Gary’s having e-mail problems.” So I had to sit here and fix that while she stood over my shoulder. I really hate when she does that. Anyways, fixed that then she’s like, “Is there going to be a good fix for this soon.”

At this point I was already wanting to slap her, because I haven’t beem sleeping well, I’m tried, cranky and very bitchy… So with her asking that I just wanted to drop kick her out of my office. So I tell her YET AGAIN, that as soon as Barb goes through this list of accounts that I have that need to be deleted, we can switch over to Axiom, which has EVERYTHING she wants changed, changed.


Anyways, now off to start the weekend… Which was probably one of the most fun and also saddest weekends I’ve had in a LONG time!


Thursday night Andrew came up, and I knew that he’d be hungry by the time that he got here, so I made the Hamburger Helper that I’ve had in my apartment forever. I don’t really like it, and it’s too much for me to eat at once, so I thought it’d be a good time to get rid of it. I also made a peanut pie so that he could try that.

He got here and supper was just getting done, so we hugged and talked for a few minutes then ate supper. After we ate Jamie and Bryce called and asked if we wanted to go over there for a while to hang out and have a few beers. I was like, “Sure, why not.” Though I didn’t think we’d actually drink too much “beer” since I don’t like it. I figured Andrew and I would go over, have a good time and they would drink.

Well we get there and we hung around talking some. Bryce has a SWEET ass apartment. I really wish mine were that nice! Perhaps he can come decorate for me! lol. After a while, Bryce asked us what we wanted to drink and then proceeded to open this thing with like 8 million bottles of hard alcohol. So we drank, everything that he made was UBER yummy. I’ll have to find out what exactly he was making. The last drink we had wasn’t so good though, but I think it’s because it wasn’t mixed quite as well.

So we all got drunk and played card games and had a really good time. Andrew and I spent the night there.


We got up Friday morning and ate Breakfast with Bryce… Who is a very good cook based on his breakfast! lol. Also watched the Nanny while we were eating. Very amusing show. After breakfast Andrew and I broke and went back to my place and showered and waited tell Jamie got off work.

Jamie got there and I left to go to my Doctors appointment, and Andrew and her went off to start moving.

Doctors appointment was good, though I think the eye doctor would be the scariest place for a small child. I mean I think out of all the doctors they have the most weird looking crazy ass machines in their office!

After the appoitnment I hurried over to Jamie’s new appartment and helped them unpack. Once we were done with that we went back, got another load and then came back and unpacked that as well. Jim’s plan was really late, so Bryce called some hick that he works with and we got a truck. Went and packed some of the big dressers and stuff and hauled that back to the appartnemt.

That was DRAMA! The tailgate on the truck doesn’t stay up, so I had to sit in the back of the truck and hold the tailgate up so that stuff wouldn’t fall out, and I had to hold up this big tall dresser so that when he turned it wouldn’t fall over! Now this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but the appartment and the storage unit were on complete OPPOSITES of the city! And we had to take a gravel road, and cruvy windy roads, the Bryce kept jerking the truck, and it was just drama.

Luckily the second trip that we made didn’t require someone to sit in the back of the truck!

Once we were done with all that, Andrew and I broke and went back to Waukee to hang out with Girls…

That was even more drama. First off, I knew that Courtney didn’t really WANT me there, she was just putting up with me being there, so that upset me. And then I just felt really out of place, and I could tell that Andrew was getting annoyed with a few things, and yeah. We went off to Gray’s lake and they made Andrew drive because there was a “Wasp in Courtney’s car”. I swear that girl will do anything to get out of driving somewhere. Much more drama at Gray’s lake, and then went bowling. I really didn’t want to go bowling, and I figured that I could just sit there and have a good time watching them bowl, etc. Which is what I usually do when I go bowling.

Ride there Andrew was fairly bitchy to me, which put me in an even worse mood then I already was. It’s understandable that he was upset with the girls, but it just hurt me that he was as bitchy to me as he was. Got to the bowling alley and I was forced to bowl. Which pissed me off even more!

I would have to say that that’s the first time in months that I’ve been actually pissed pissed off. To the point where I just sit and don’t talk to anyone. Which is usually the best thing for me tell I calm down because I would usually end up saying something to hurt feelings.

Ride home there was a bit of a fight between Andrew and I. I will have to admit that it was what I would consider to be our first fight. Very sad that it had to happen and even sadder that it happened so close to his leaving.

Anyways, we got home and made up. Which was good, because I hate being mad at people, and I HATE having people made at me!

While Andrew was getting ready to go to bed he kinda had a break down and started crying. I felt bad that all I could do was hold him. I really wish there would have been more to do. Though I think we’ll both need that a lot over the next week to two weeks. I think for me this week will be the worst, because I think about things in the “It’s the last time we’ll…” Type stuff. You know.

Anyways we went to bed, and I slept really well.


Got up Saturday morning and he went to work. I stayed at his house just doing random stuff. I watched a movie, which was really good and made him some lunch for that day and so that he would have stuff to take to lunch this week.

He FINALLY got home at 2:30 and we ate lunch and the stupid realator came and was a bitch, and she was really stupid too, not very good at her job, I don’t think.

After that we broke and drove up to Ames, met up with his sister and family and the like. And went out to dinner. I thought his dad was very rude towards him and his sister. He hardly said a word to either of them. He talked to Bryce 90% of the time, and I would have to say that he said more to me, minus things regarding Andrew’s college tution, then he did to Andrew. Just very rude and Andrew seemed to be fairly upset. Dinner was really good though, and it was nice of him to pay!

Went back to Jamie’s and watched a movie, which didn’t get over tell like midnight. Andrew and I broke as the credits were rolling and came back to my place. He played a few video games and then we went to bed.


We got up Sunday morning fairly early, but it was also semi sleeping in. I was still UBER tired though because I just couldn’t sleep Saturday night. I don’t know why. Well, I have an idea that I was just way to upset about everything to be able to sleep. So I spend from about 1AM tell about 4:30AM just sitting in my living room, reading, watching TV, and taking down pictures. I also went for a walk… But it was a bit cold, so it was short. lol.

I took down all my pics on the wall that I had because they were just upsetting me too much. Everytime I looked at them, al I could think about is how sad it’s going to be once he’s gone and how much I’m going to miss him. I looked at them and though of all the happy, great times that we’ve had together. And then cried because we’re not going to have any more of them. They’ll go back up, probably pretty soon. I can’t stand the bare wall either.

About 4:30 I went back into bed and Andrew was practically sitting up. I thought that he was awake, but later on he stated that he wasn’t. I laid in bed next to him and kissed him, and then we layed there cuddling. (All while he claims he was sleeping) I think I finally got to sleep about 5 or 5:30.

We got up, showered and then headed back to Jamie’s to have breakfast with his dad… Again hardly a word was spoken. Though more then the night before… I’m guessing that’s because Bryce wasn’t there for his dad to talk too.

Also, who knew they made low-fat suasage, and bakon… Crazyness if you ask me!

After breakfast we all went to Reiman Gardens, which was nice, though very sad for me. One of the MANY things on my list of stuff I wanted to do one last time before Andrew left was to go there and hang out, like we did the month before we started dating. More on the list later.

Once we were done with Reiman, Andrew and I split from his fam and went to the Mall to look for glasses for me. Looked at some really good ones, though Andrew wasn’t much of a help because he kept saying that like every pair looked good on me. I need someone that’s going to be critical of them. I liked the girl that worked there and we narrowed it down to one set. Now I just have to find out how much my mom’s really willing to pay for glasses because she said “$150” but the frames alone are that much! And the lenses are another $150 because of my prescription! And there’s no way that I’m going to pay for that shit!

I really don’t understand why she won’t just pay for my contacts, it’d be MUCH cheaper for her.

After that we underwear hunting, for guess who… ANDREW! lol.

From there back to my place where we spent the rest of the night laying in bed, and I spent a large portion of it crying. I don’t really know what came over me, but I just couldn’t hold back the tears anymore. I let a lot of them flow, but still not the full amount. I always feel so stupid crying infront of someone.

He left about 7:15ish, and I went and watched TV.

After a while, I hear a knock on my door and I’m like.. “Who the hell would that be.” So I went and looked out the peep hole, and there wans’t anyone there, so I started to head back to the couch, but I decided that I had better answer it. So I opened the door and out popped Andrew with a big thing of flowers and a cute card! I was so touched, it was so very nice of him! We talked for a bit more and then he left.

I spent the rest of the night on the verge of tears, watching TV, and listening to Music trying to make myself a mix CD. Andrew called and we talked for like an hour as well.

Didn’t sleep well… That’s a shock, really.


My e-bay thing is doing really well, so far it’s up to $97 from $49, and there’s been 262 people that have visisted it! How cool is that! I just hope my other things will sell as well.

The list… I have this big list, though most of it I can never remember. I really wanted to get so much more done this summer then we had time to do. And now we’re down to the last week. He already has so much planned for himself on almost every night. Though I’m going down on Wed, perhaps we can do some of it that night. This weekend we have PACKED to the brim with things to do…

State Fair
Spaghetti Works
One Last Night Downtown
One Last Drag Show
And other stuff that I have written down in my car.

One other thing that I really wanted to do was get a surprise party for him, but that’s been ruined now.

I seem to recall there being something else I wanted to talk about here, but now I can’t remember it!

Oh, we saw Jackson at Gray’s lake Friday night… I didn’t realize it was him though tell we had already walked past each other… How crazy is that though!

Now I’m done, and there’s a box of Sandia garb… Must go raid!


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