Ok I just went and read Chris’ thing about the gut feeling.

I am feeling pretty pissed.

Apparently he got annoyed b/c I didn’t come up after hanging out w/ Court and Ann H. The reason it makes me mad is b/c 1. If you think someone might do something sweet, and then they don’t that is no reason to get mad. If I was hoping that Chris might one day come with flowers or a card or surprise me at work or something and then he didn’t, I wouldn’t be mad about it, b/c it was never concrete, just all in my head. AND I didn’t even get back to my car till almost 10. I would’ve gotten to Ames at 11, and gone straight to bed b/c I would’ve had to wake up early and go to work. So I would’ve just wasted my gas and money, I wouldn’t even of gotten to talk to Chris.

He’s been not himself recently and it’s starting to bother me. He’s being very vague about a lot of things and seems very unwilling to talk about anything. I don’t know what’s going to happen if the communication lines don’t start opening up soon. He says on his journal that there are other things that have been annoying him lately, but of course he doesn’t tell me waht they are. When things are bothering me, he always makes me tell him and we work it out. But now that he’s annoyed about something, I don’t get the right to know. Whatever.

I’m just mad.

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