Ok here is a private update, though it won’t be too good of one. The only thing I really have to update about is that Chris and I made love again.

It was really nice. It happened early Sunday morning. I said I wanted to, and he had brought along condoms and lube, so we did. I felt a lot better doing it with the condom, it just set my mind at ease, so that was good. It was a lot sweatier than last time lol. I was really hot, and we did it for a pretty long time. Hopefully it was enjoyable for him, it was good for me. Eventually we came and that was done, and we went and definitely showered b/c we were both uber sweaty and gross. But, it was very nice to share that with him again 🙂 Happy!

He spent the night last night. That was good, except I feel bad that he drove all the way here for us to be with each other for like 3 hours and then go to bed. Plus, he got mad about the whole Courtney thing. Which is understandable but he takes it way too personally. But it doesn’t really matter, I don’t really need people fighting right now. But he did say that he wanted to call Courtney and have her help him organize everyone to say goodbye to me type thing. And I feel bad that now he won’t… especially b/c that would’ve been an UBER sweet surprise and I would’ve just died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But oh well I guess. I’m sure things will work out. Other than that, not much going on. He left early this morning to go to work, and now Im just killing the next hour until I go.

Mental note: I think tonight I want to have the what’s happening next year talk. Mainly b/c I don’t want to put it off until we actually go on the trip b/c then there could be negative feelings and I want the trip we have to be uber fun and really special. So taht’s that.

Off to play some video games and eat… IM STARVING!

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