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Lots To Do.

So here it is Thursday and I finally have lots to do here at work. Though I don’t think it’ll take to long to get it done.

Yesterday was alright, very boring day at work, so I spent most of it playing Earthbound. I made it past the first guy, and got to the big foot thing. Now I’m in the second town and buying/selling eggs for a $98 profit, so that way I can get lots of money! Now, if only getting money were that easy in real life!

After work, I went home, packed up real quick and then drove to Andrew’s house.

Got there and we talked a bit. I got really pissed off. Not at him but at Courtney. Andrew and the “girls” are going out Friday and Courtney pretty much said that she didn’t want me there. I find this very very annoying, because I don’t know what the hell I did to her to make her not like me. Everytime that her and Andrew hang out she makes the point that she doesn’t want me to be there.

And on top of it all, she knows that Fri/Sat/Sun are days that I’m in town, and that Andrew and I hang out. If you ask me, if you want to go out with one of us on those three days, then you should expect the other to come. It’s not like there isn’t the rest of the weekdays to go out, etc.

I just don’t see why, I mean it’s only a couple hours. Blah whatever….

And you know what, Andrew always complained about how his Bf’s never liked his friends… Well now he’s got a bf who DOES like his friends, but his freinds don’t like his BF.

Anyways, after that we drove to Best Buy, he got a CD player and a CD case. I got a game controller for my computer. How exciting!

From there back to his house where we played games. I tried my hand at Donkey Kong for the N64. I sucked at it, and was getting very mad because he kept making fun of me and my not being able to figure things out. It was my first EVER time playing a game like that, 3-D and all, and where you had to controll the angle of the camera. That on top of the fact that I had no IDEA what buttons were what, how could you expect me to do well my first time. By the time that I finally gave up, I had gotten it down some though.

Went to bed after that, I slept well finally. Which is good.

Got up early this morning, showered, and then headed off to work. Which is where I am now.

Getting here though was very stressfull. The interstate was at a STAND STILL from Hickman all the way back to 86th Street. VERY annoying.

Andrew’s coming up tonight and tomorrow we’re helping his sister move. I’m also getting an eye-doc appoitnment. GOod times.

Anyways, I’m out. Though I had a lot more to bitch about. I have to work.

Oh And Be Careful Out There On Kazaa!

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If it were only that easy to get a profit I would get a female friend and steal all of her eggs to sell on the black market for $98 an egg! Muahaha!

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