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Trust Your Gut

Well, I learned a valueable lesson last night… My gut feeling lies.

All day long, I just had this feeling in my gut that Andrew would perhaps make a sweet gesture and come up after his hanging out with Ann H and girl.

I knew in the back of my mind that he actually wouldn’t, but for some reason I went with my gut feeling. I went out after work and bought some food to make a pie, a yummy pie at that. And I came home and I made it.

I sat around at home watching TV, “Queer Eye For A Straight Guy”, “Boy Meets Boy”, and then another “Queer Eye For A Straight Guy”. He never showed, and I was fairly annoyed with that.

I know that I shouldn’t have been because we never talked about him coming up, and it would have been late had he did come up. So I was just being stupid, though I was still a bit annoyed. Stupid gut feeling. I’ll never trust it again…

And hopefully it’s wrong about the other feeling that I’m getting right now.

There’s a few other things that have been annoying me lately, though I’m going to pass those off as both of us being very stressed out about this whole moving situation.

I really wish that they weren’t happening, because I would like these last couple weeks that we have together to be some of the best. Hopefully they’ll turn around and that’ll happen.

And not what my gut is telling me is going to happen.

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