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So this week has just been dragging on and on and on. It just doesn’t seem to stop. I was hoping that this week would go by fast, which, I guess it kinda has, but at the same time it hasn’t because it is only WED! Grrr.

Speaking of it being Wed. So far every day this week at some point in the day I’ve thought it was Thursday.. But thank god, tomorrow is FINALLY Thursday, the last day of work, and the last day of school for the week. I can’t wait.

And then once this week is over, only one more week of classes left! YAY! I’m so excited. Hopefully I’ll do better on this next MIS test. I never did go into that story did I? Well the first question on the test you had to assume some stuff. It was a registartion program, dealing with classes and the pre-reqs for those classes. Well in the ERD I added in the Student and Teacher relationships to those classes, and well, he didn’t want that, so he took off 20 fucking points! If I hadn’t over-assumed on that one question, I would have got a 92% on the test. Fucker!

Oh well I’m over it.

Tuesday was good, class as usuall. I also did some other stuff, but I’ll get into that story a bit later. Anyways, I talked to drew for like an hour that night, and that was good. We’ve been talking about tons of random stuff, and we’ve been talking much more then I think we would have had he been in Iowa. Very crazy! lol.

At work we bought a new firewall, that was uber exciting. We got her to go with the one that has 4 trusted ports so we can make a DMZ sometime in the future. Also talking her into Gigabit switches to replace the 10/100 switches we have now, and also racks for the server room. I’m really looking forward to the firewall and the racks. The firewall will be here on Thursday, so that’s exciting. We haven’t got the racks for sure yet, still trying to convince her that we need them! Which we DO!

Also while at work I came up with, what I think to be a sweet idea. Originally I asked Andrew for his address while he was there to send him a little card or something, but plans change, and I came up with the idea to send him some flowers. So I start looking up places to get flowers from that area and couldn’t really find anything that sounded good.

I call up the place that his family rented the apartment from and asked them for a recomendation for a place that’ll deliver flowers. They told me to call this place called ‘Belva’s’, so I did. Asked the what it cost to deliver and it was only $7, so I was like that’s fine. So I start telling her what I want. I just wanted to send him some, like 3 or 4, Spider Mums, because those are his favorite flowers. First of all, she only had 2 colors, yellow and white. So I was kind of annoyed with that, I was hoping that they’d have more colors. So I tell her that stuff and then she’s like, what else. And I’m like “That’s all.” And then she informs me that you have to buy a total of $35 worth of shit before they’ll deliver.

Now this took me by surprse because Hy-Vee will deliver for like $6, and there’s now limit that I know of, cause last time it was only like $15 total. So I’m like, well I don’t want to spend that much, so I asked her for to recommend somewhere else. Which she nicly did, we hung up and I called them.

This time it was $25 for delivery and $30 minimum order. So I was like, fuck them. And looked online for a g-store or something Hy-Veeish. I found this place called Publix and called them up.

Get this, there it was $15 delivery fee, and a minimum order of $50!! I was like, HELL NO!

Finally the last place I called was “Piggly Wiggly Florists” there it was only $5 delivery, which I find the weirdest because they are the farthest away from where Andrew was compared to all the others. And the minimum order was $25. So I felt that I could deal with that. I asked her if she had any spider mums, and she said she did, but only like 6 purple ones. Well, Spider Mums were like $1.50 each, so once you took the price of the vase out of there ($6) I could have gotten him a dozen of those. Which I really didn’t want to get him a dozen or even six (long story) of anything. So I ask her what else she has that she would like. She mentioned a few things and I didn’t know what any of them were. So I decided to just go with something simpler.

Ended up getting him 6 Yellow Roses with Orange tips. The woman said they looked really good, and it was a good choice. So I hope that they really do look good. After we got all that done she asked me when I wanted it delivered.

I knew that they would be gone from the house by the time I had called her (About 2ish Central time) and that Andrew and family probably wouldn’t be back to the house by the time the florist closed. So I just told her to deliver them first thing in the morning. So like 10ish.

Well come to find out when I talked to Andrew last night that they tried delivering them that NIGHT! I was so annoyed because the florist left a note there. I wanted this to be a super surprise. One of those, things where someone knocks on the door and you go and answer it and boom, there’s some flowers. But no, the stupid florist went and fucked that all up now.

This morning I came into work at 8 (because I had left the number here for them) and called them up. I asked the florist who had helped me the day before what was going on. She explained that she had a delivery in that area and just went ahead and tried delivering it then. So I accepted that, I wasn’t going to get mad at them since they were doing so much for me and helping me out so much. I asked her to call me back if Andrew hadn’t been in to pick them up before 1pm.

So I’ve been uber nervous all day. I didn’t think about it tell I was in class this morning, that his PU’s might not like him getting flowers or something like that there. Too gay or something, you never know. And everytime the phone here in the office rings I just like freeze hoping that they’ll buzz me and say “Andrew McGeehan is on the phone for you.” And I can say, “Thank you, put him though.” But nope, not yet.

I also have my cell phone next to my monitor, and everytime I get a call… Just a few seconds before my monitor flickers. Well today it’s been doing it even when I’m not getting a call. But still everytime my monitor flickers I just sit there for a second looking at my phone and hoping that it’ll start rining.

But it hasn’t YET!

Ok, stirke that last part… It just rang and it was the florists. They haven’t heard from Andrew yet. Very annoying. I would think that that would have been the first place they went to this morning. At least I know I would have… Grrr. I’m very annoyed and very anxious right now.

I hope that everything turns out well. I gave them Andrew’s phone number so that they can call him and find out what’s going on.

Well other then that not much else has been happening in my life lately. Last night I went running for almost an hour, and then did my abslide.

This morning I got up at 7, did my abslide and go ready for the day then went out. Rode my bike here to take care of the florist dilemma. And then rode to campus. By the time I got to campus my shirt was soaking wet from sweat, so I went to the bathroom in Carver and took it off and washed my face with cold water to cool down some. I forgot my water bottle this morning and I’m not happy about that either…Anyways, the point of the story is that I was standing in front of the mirror shirtless there in carver and I really liked the way that I looked. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it looked like I’ve lost some weight recently. Crazyness really.

Class was class. I started reading Branned since I just finished Culture Jam. I really liked that book and recommend that everyone go read it! lol.

Now I’m at work and I’ve got quite a bit done for being as jumpy as I am. I’ve implemented SNMP on 5 machines and I’m working on getting it on the linux boxes, but the config files for it seem to be confusing me.

Hopefully things will get better!


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