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The Matrix

From now on when someone asks me what Krell does, I’m going to say…

“We run the Matrix”

//Edit: Whilst shopping yesterday Andrew and I happened to discover that he could fit into a GapKids size ‘M’ and I could fit into a GapKids size ‘XL’. Now not that long ago, I had to buy a ‘L’ and a ‘M’ was tight on me, now I’m wearing a Gap size ‘S’ just fine… Now if this isn’t a sign that America is just getting fatter and that the clothing companies are changing the sizing to meet this, then I don’t know what is. Comon’ America, loose some fucking Weight!

Although, I do have to say, it’s a good ego boost to say that I wear a size ‘S’. Unless I’m shopping with Andrew and he’s always “Why’s everything so BIG!!” Fucker!

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