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It’s OVER!

So the ass raping has finally stopped. And for that last one, there wasn’t enough KY lube in the WORLD to make it any better. I guess that’s what I get for going to work right before the final, and then forgetting my notes at home so that I couldn’t study. Oh well, no biggie, even if I fail the test I should still get a B in there. Whatever, I do what I want!

Konq is pretty! For some reason Mozilla stopped letting my type in the address bar, it’s very odd really. So the only way to navigate is through links and the back/forward button since I don’t have bookmarks. Grrr. Perhaps I should upgrade to the latest nightly build.

Today was TONS of fun, that is after the ass raping. I met up with Andrew about 2:30ish and we hung out at his house tell 3:30 when I had to drive his mom to the Airport, very odd times. But amusing non-the-less. Perhaps she’ll hate me less now. Although she definitaly said that she’d pay me and then she didn’t. Whatever.

From the airport Andrew and I went over to Cheatin’ Charlies to get his car, then to MHM to get me clothes. I ended up buying a CUTE ass new pair of jeans and a new pair of shorts! Yay!

After that to KFC on University, yummy yummy. Andrew paid… THANKS DREW!

And then we scampered off to his house where we spent the rest of the night just sitting in his bed talking, and hanging out… It was so much fun, and it really helped my headache. I dunno why. However, it’s now back again.

There are two things that REALLY piss me off about stupid people driving…. 1) Is that they don’t know how to accelerate! and 2) Is that, even though is SAYS to exit at 25MPH you can easily do 40-50! Goddamn stupid people! So annoying!

Also it really pisses me off is when cops seem to think they can do 90 down the interstate without lights/sirens on. Fuckers. I was so tempted to follow him, but he wasn’t going the same way that I was, and it was nearly 11:30. And it was a Polk County Sheriff in Story county… What the fuck is up with that??

Anyways, it’s late. I shall be off to bed! Nighties!

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