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I had every intention of getting up this morning at 6:30 and riding my bike for an hour. Every Intention, I really did! I even laid out my clothes for biking and the outfit that I was going to wear today so that I wouldn’t have to waste the time looking for it all. Although, when the time came, I just kept hitting snooze. And apparently the Snooze button turned into an off button because I didn’t get out of bed until 7:45, and I had to be at work at 8. I was right on time too, although I didn’t shave, and my hair looks horrible.

I’m only working 3 hours today, so that’s good. I have some small stuff that I can do in that time, I don’t think I’ll get into any of the big stuff today because there’s really no time to do it all.

After work I go and take Final number 5. I’m not too worried about it, although I’m sure I should be. Hopefully it’ll go alright. I haven’t had much energy lately to do anything for myself, studying, getting back into exercising. I have all these great plans, but they just never get done anymore.

I’m not sure why, I mean I’m happy in life right now, and having a great time. I just don’t know why I can’t get my ass in gear and do this shit. Last night I tried to study, but I just couldn’t. I’m falling back into one of those stages, hopefully it’ll be short lived, if not, it’s back to the drugs.

After the final’s over (and hopefully that’ll be about 1ish), I’m headed to Waukee to hang out with Andrew today. We’re going to go malling and find me some new shorts. I really wish now that I had purchased more then one pair when we were at the Mall of America and they were only $10. But I guess life is life, and I have to deal with the $40 price tags now. Hopefully we can find somewhere cheap and get shorts there, maybe GoodWill?

I went last night and bought the rechargable batteries for my camera, and I also bought a case for it because the LCD screen was getting a bit scratched up in my bag. I’ve also added a TON of shit to my wish list. Starting my christmas list early, lol. And this year I’m only going to give that list to my PU’s, that way hopefully they’ll actually buy shit off of it, unlike last year. Then I’ll print it and cut out the “inapproriate” stuff for my G&G and the rest of the family.

That’s something else that’s been bothering me. I really wish that I could tell my G&G about my being gay, and I wish that I could take my bf at the time down there and be like, “Hey G&G, this is my bf and we’re going to go upstairs and have wild wild sex now. Could you have some good cookies ready for when we get done, cause it makes us REALLY hungry, bubye!” roflol! Anyways, yeah. I just wish that I could take my bf down there and let them know and stuff.

Although I am kinda wondering if they know or not, because they have stopped bitching at me for not having a gf and my Gma has been off my back about reproducing for her! So I wonder if someone has slipped and told them??

Who knows.

Anyways, I should get to work. Laters!

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I didn’t tell-don’t blame it on me. If oyu ever use the wild sex line I want to be there. I vividly remember Grandma assuming Ky and I weren’t having sex after we’d been living together for a year. Uummm..yeah Grandma…sure.

As Andrew pointed out, it appears that the post was posted at 7:41 AM even though I said that I got up at 7:45… This is because the time on the server that hosts this is OFF and they apparently don’t know how to set it correctly! It was actually posted at 8:41AM!

Cj B

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