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Final #4

So final number 4 is over with, it went pretty good. 75 questions, took me 45 minutes. Not too shabby at all. Now hopefully I’ll do well on it. I’m fairly confident that I did.

Today has been a day of headaches, and other aches. I woke up with a sore throat and a headache today. And no matter how many pills I take the headache won’t go away. I’m also very tired, and my legs still hurt. Although not anywhere near as bad as they did Sunday, or yesterday, so that’s good. I’m thinking that maybe tomorrow morning I’ll get up and go biking early, or perhaps I’ll do it yet tonight. We’ll have to see.

Work has been work. Not much really going on, same old same old. I really hope that I get a second job, that’ll really boost my money reserves and also give me a break from Krell. I really need one. Today was Chris’ grad party here. I can’t wait tell next year when I’m graduating! Ohhh, it’ll be so good!

Speaking of second jobs thought, I’m thinking that fall I’ll get a weekend job at the mall perhaps. Just to have some extra spending money or something like that. I’m so sick of never having enough money to buy new clothes and the like. Mostly it’s because I save it all for large things, or just save it for a rainy day. Which is good, but I still would like to have money to spend on clothes!

Perhaps I’ll just give that crazy idea of donating plasma a try again!

Anyways, I’m tired, so I be out! Only 45 more minutes of work!

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