More About The Weekend

So this weekend was really really good again!
Friday walking in the skywalks was fun. We held hands… at one point there were creepies behind us. But we made it 🙂
Lots of kissing goodnight once we got to my house. *Sigh* so nice! Oh and we definitely had a long talk about how much our Government sucks and what needs to be done about it. It was really good to have an actual intellectual convo w/ someone.
Saturday was fun in the hot tub. Hehe. We made out a lot (as well as talked) There was a bit of ass play and I think that’s the loudest I’ve heard Chris moan EVER. Perhaps I’ve hit something that feels good? Watching Charlies Angels was fun b/c we were naked lol. Then upstairs was even more fun! I got a rimmy!!! *dances* That was definitely nice, even though Chris said I moan more when he’s on my arm. Eh, it’s ALL good..!!!! Hoodie got a little bit of a tease, and Chris’ little booty would’ve as well, but I was already late. Mother was waitin home for me. SO Embarassing lol.
Sunday was E X C E L L E N T. Spending that day with him was just great great great! We layed in bed for awhile, just cuddling and being cute. After shopping, we came back home and just layed on the couch downstairs for HOURS, just talking and kissing and watching TV. At commercials, I’d turn and kiss him. But all I wanted to do was look at his face. I don’t know what it was. I really don’t. But he looked so amazingly beautiful last night. I could’ve stared at him forever. The emotion was almost too much for me, and I almost cried. Somehow I contained myself. Oh, I am so smitten by him! When we parted ways I really didn’t want to. Well, I never want to, but this time I REALLY didn’t want to. I would’ve been content laying there and watching TV for more hours and then falling asleep together. SOOOOO wonderful!
Like Chris said, Can’t wait for wed!!!!!!
Current mood: apathetic

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