May 8, 2001

may 8, [crazy town, “lollipop porn”] well two down two to go. this one really

sucked though. i think i did pretty good but it was over the entire book,

all 700 and some pages of it and you know what he chose to ask questions on?

one of them was “Currently the national deficit is:” and then he gave three

numbers that were really pretty damn close. and then another quesion was “Which

of these are less likely to be in an intrest group” and the choises were,

a college student, a single mother, a retired steel worker, or (i forget the

last one, but it was something to do with a rich white guy). lol. and i was

like wtf? it’s either college student or mother, but i wasn’t sure exaclty.

and then one of the questions was who the congress man from SD was, and i

was like, how the hell do i know, i don’t live here. and it wasn’t even a

multipul choise qustion, so i just wrote down that “this questions is unfair

to those of us that don’t reside in South Dakota” and then i put down the

iowa one, hehe. lol.which by the way is Greg Ganske.

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