Road Trip

So the trip to MN was tons of fun, with a few annoyances in there as well. But mostly fun. I only purchased like things the whole trip, and then I came back to Iowa and spent the rest of my money. Good times.

Total things purchased:
Black dress shirt
Lime green dress shrit
A&F shorts (only $10)
Hollister shirt
A converter thing for my DVD player
Other small things

The last couple days have been fun as well. Saturday we watched a movie with Andrew, it was so stupid.

Sunday Adam and I did random things, which neither of us can remember right now. And that night I watched Scooby Doo with my family. It was good, but really stupid, good cause of the hot bois.

Today Adam and I have been doing more random stuff, and I’m sick as hell. He’s fixing his car right now.

This update sucks. Laters

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