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Long time, no see.

So what have I been up to lately that I haven’t been able to update??

Well not much really.

Lasdt Friday Adam and I went out and did the one year anniversary thing. Food, Movie, bed. You know. It was nice.

Saturday, I’m sure I did fun stuff, and there was a fight or two in there somewhere as well. A pretty bad one if I remember right.

Sunday, went to Christmas on my mom’s side and lusted after Steven all day. I know that sounds really bad, but the boy is SO fucking hot. All I wanted to do all day was grab him and take him to the bathroom. Yummyy.

Monday, Adam, Andrew and I all went out shopping. Good times there. We were going to go to Group, but found out that Mike was going, so we avoided that and watched movies instead.

Tuesday I sat on my ass and did nothing.

Today’s christmas, so we went to my grandpa and grandma’s house. That was fun times.

I got alot of cool shit for christmas, nothing REALLY exciting.

List includes:
DVD Player
Zoo Tycoon Expansion packs
Christmas lights
Picture Frams
Cooking things
A cushion for my chair
and other small stuff.

It was really nice of my mom to get me the DVD player. Although, now I’m going to have to buy a VCR because my TV doesn’t have the right connectors. And again it was nice, but I wish she would have gotten me a lot of the smaller thing on my list. They would have been alot more usefull. But I am happy that I got a Very NICE DVD player! Yay, DVD porn!

Tonight Adam’s going to come over and spend the night, and then tomorrow and Friday we’re off to the Mall of America. MONEY will be spent there, I just wished that I had my new credit card, so that I could spend lots of money and not have to pay interest on it! lol

I’m out.

PS. Hopefully I’ll update a bit more some other time, but I REALLY REALLY hate my PU’s keyboard, so the chances are slim!

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