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Must Sleep….

I haven’t been able to sleep well lately (Tuesday night (Wed morning) I went to bed at about 3 Am and was up again at 8, Wed night, I went to bed at 4ish, and was up again at 6 for a 7:30 final, then I worked all day today, and yesterday, and now it’s Friday morning, and I’m not even tired yet) . I dunno why. Probably because I’m fairly mental disturbed by everything, and stressed out and depressed cause I feel like I’m putting on pounds, and lots of other shit, that I really don’t have the energy to care about right now.

In fact, I feel as though I haven’t had the energy to care about anything lately, and I think that my relationship with Adam has been hurting lately because of it. Hopefully things will turn around soon and fun times will be back.

The biggest problem is that t-day break didn’t come early enough to keep me from burning out.

I do have a doctors appointment tomorrow to make sure I’m not dieing. I have to get a blood test for diabetes tomorrow, last time that I got one they told me not to eat anything for the 24 hours prior, but this time they didn’t say anything, so I”m not going to eat again tell after my appointment, that way I’ll be uber hungry for supper at Chili’s. Good times.

Speaking of good times, today was pretty good. I worked all day, and that was amusing. I also popped by NP and talked to bennett. As always he was amusing. Tonight was the Krell Christmas party and that was amusing. Rachel’s funny shit.

I watched survivor, yummy bois.

They need to sell cases of nair on-line.

I hope that I’m out of this slump by next semester. I don’t want to start the semester on a down note.

I called Mid-Iowa yesterday, I got the number for Chris K in Topeka. I’m going to call him and see about a job there, also Pete L isn’t the camp director this summer, so I’ll find out who is and see if I like them anymore. Perhaps I can end up working at Mitigwa again, which is what I would really love to do, but I know to many people there, and I think that it’d be wierd to go back again after i quit. You know how that is, eh?

Oh, and…

Dear Mother Nature,

Thanks for returning to us that great day of weather, it really helped my mood. You can continue on now with the other requests for a “white” christmas as you had planned.

Thanks again,
Cj B

PS, I will continue with my ramblings.

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