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So I went and got my books today, yay! Two VERY cute bois helped me too, yummy. Anyways, I got my books, hot boi #1 said that my ethics class is REALLY fucking boring, but easy. So that’s good. Hot boi #2 said the book for that class was REALLY boring, Joy joy. Anyways, Books came out to $401. YIKES! Glad I’m not paying for them.

Not much else has really been up lately. I’m back at my apartment right now cause I was in Ames already. Adam and I came up the other day and moved things around and decorated some. It’s nice now. I like it.

I also got my DVD player setup and that’s nice.

Last night I helped Adam and his family move into thier new house. It’s REALLY REALLY nice. It also brought back memories of us moving from a dinky one-room-school-house converted to a two bedroom home.

Anyways, I’ve been VERY sick lately. Rarr at that. Although the sleeping in tell noon and laying on a couch is just what I’ve needed. I feel much better, both physicaly and mentally. Although, I’m still not all here.

Ben Shepely called me the other day too, and that was amusing. I’m going to call him back sometime cause I was deathly sick the day he called and could barely talk.

Alrighty, I’m out to go do other random things and then head back to Polk City for a while before I go out shopping with Andrew. Laters all!

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