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So I’ve been sick lately. Such a drag. Not much has really happened. I went out shopping with Andrew on Friday and then we met up with Adam downtown. Same-o, Same-o.

Saturday Something happened… Dunno what for sure. I’ve been so air-heady. I know I spent the night at Adam’s. Cause he was sick.

Sunday I returned porn, did laundry, and nothing else really. I came back here and played Sim City 3000.

I can’t WAIT tell Sim City 4 come outs…

I mean LOOK at those graphics. I can’t WAIT!

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Yes, that’s a pic of Sim City 4. It’s NOTHING like Sim City 3000, just as Sim City 3000 is NOTHING like Sim City 2000.

Ths nice thing about Sim City 4 is that it uses the same type of menus as The Sims, cleaning everything up a TON!

Anyways, everyone should go buy it, and get me a copy as well!!

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