May 26, 2001

may 26, [robbin black, "more effeminate then you"] i really hate

shoping with my mom and brother. we had a list of things to do right. it should

have taken, maybe two hours. so we left, i was driving, i needed to get some

personal things so i was like, lets go to walmart cause it was on the way

to where we needed to get the other stuff. so we went there, and first my

mom bitched about my driving all the way there. and then we went in and i

was like, ok i only need a few things from the pharmacy area, so we don’t

need a cart or anything, so we get over there and my brother was like, oh

well i need this and that, and my mom was like oh well i need this and that.

so i had to go get a cart. needless to say we ended up spending an hour and

a half there and spent $128. i was so pissed. cause my mom was like, we don’t

need to go to wal-mart we can go to kmart or somewhere like that. but i wanted

to go to walmart cause i knew where everything was and i also wanted to say

hi to julian and see his hair cut, lol. by the way, it looks really good.

well ok we left there and my mom was like "I’m going to drive" so

i let her drive which really annoys me too cause she drives her truck like

it’s a damn semi and if she would just drive it like a truck, we’d get to

places a whole hell of alot faster and she wouldn’t get as pissed off at other

people driving. ok so then we went somewhere else. and she was looking at

getting my dad a $4000 grill and i was like, if you’re even looking at getting

him that don’t bitch at me about my college funding any more. and she was

like "well i haven’t said a word about it" and that just really

pissed me off cause they’re saying now that i’m going to have to pay for my

own apartment and shit, and later in the day she was looking at buying a $6000

piano and a $500 gitaur. and i was like, ok if you’re even _thinking_ about

looking at this shit then don’t go saying you can’t afford my college education.

then we went to mcdonalds and she was bitching at me cause i said i didn’t

know what i wanted and i would tell her once we got up to the sign thingy.

and we got there, and i told her, then we sat there for like 5 minutes waiting

for her and my brother to figure out what they wanted. and it’s like damnit,

you make things so dman fucking difficult when it’s damn simple just pic someting

and eat it. so i don’t remember how it came up excatly but i said "i’m

pissy becuase you people make thyings so damn difficult" which they do,

and she’s like "YOU PEOPLE" and i just wanted to yell at her and

say "YES YOU PEOPLE. you aren’t my family or my parents or my mom or

my dad, you’r YOU POPLE. cause that’s what you’ve been fucking acting like"

but i didn’t i just let it drop. so here we are back at hme. 5 hours after

we left and we only got a couple things done, we didn’t get my shoes like

i needed, we didn’t get my camel bak like i needed, we didn’t get any groceries

like we needed, we didn’t get _most_ of the stuff on the list done. and that

just really pisses me off cause i only have one pair of shoes now and she’s

been saying we would go get the camel bak for weeks now, but she always comes

up with some damn excuse not to go get it. on a completely differnet note,

i talked to danny last night, that was really really nice to hear his voice

again. it was really funy calling though cause he ust gave me the 800 number

and the code for his calling card and i called him, but the only number that

he had for the card was in spanish so i had to figure that out, but he toldme mostly how it worked, so that was funny shit. he thinks that i should ask

julian out on a date too, lol. i dunno. he really want’s me to be dating people,

but i don’t really want to, not yet. cause i mean it’d only be for the summer

cause ya know, i’m moving in aug. and with camp and shit i couldn’t have a

meaningful relationship with anyone. but i wouldn’t mind a few dates withsomeone

as long as they understood that it wouldn’t really go anywhere, lol yeah whatever.

oh i also put up the article about steven cozza that i have, it’s here.

just check out the files called Steven Cozza Page *.jpg there’s 8 pages and

it’s worth the time it takes to download them, sorry about the huge files,

but they were 21 megs each, so you should be happy that they are only 300k

or so now.

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