May 25, 2001

may 25, #3 [u2, "sweetest thing"] ok well it’s 9:46 on a friday

night, i left here about 7 and went to java joes, hung out there for a bit,

went to the bathroom, really hot guy in there, majorly checking me out. nothing

came of that, lol. left there, walked through the sky walks some, nothing

realy going on there, so i went back to java joes and hung out tell like 8:45.

lots o hot guys, but nothing really goin on. so i left, drove through the

loop a few times, there was actually alot of people down there, but i just

kinda went though, got lost in des moines some, that was fun, then i headed

back towards ankeny, stopped at a gas station to get some pop and i ran into

ben from camp, god he’s so hot. we talked for a bit tell his mom yelled at

him to get moving, i was temped to ask ifhe wanted to hang out, but this is

his parents last weekend together, so i figured that wouldn’t be wise to do.

he’s not going to be at work on monday cause of it, so i figured he’d want

to spend the time with his parents. then i came back, and drove round ankey

looking for people. didn’t find anyone, jules was working, but i didn’t really

want to go into wal-mart and talk to him. so i just came home and here i am,

doing nothing. it sucks. i also talked to this

guy from grinnell, he seem pretty cool. he’s in training to be the manager

of a movie theater in grinnell and he also works at a radio station. yep.

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