May 27, 2001

may 27, [pearl jam, "the state of love and trust"] well tonight

was pretty cool. i left here and went to java joes and hung out there for

like an hour and a half, that was pretty cool. then i went to the gay loop

again. that was fun, lots o hot guys there, but i just drove round a bit.

there’s been alot of people there lately for being so early in the day when

i get there. then i was like, i’m bored so i went to ankeny to see if i could

find julian and talk to him a bit, but he wasn’t in layaway so i started to

leave. and on my way out i spotted this really really hot guy. and out of

the corner of my eye i catch this person running at me, and it was angie and

i was like, OMG it’s angie, and that really hot guy happened to have been

with her. so i was llike bu yeah. and we went back and found julian and we

hung out there for a bit. then julian had to take some guy home, that was

quite the adventure, by the way julian was driving you’d have thought he was

drunk, but it was cool. we lived. then we went to hawkeye park and talked

for a bit. it was a good night all in all. well i guess that’s all for now

cause my dad’s here bitching at me to get to bed.

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