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May 27, 2001

may 27, #2 [lifehouse, "everything"] wow it really doesn’t seem

like i made that update today, lol. well we went to lenox today, the whole

family was there, even pam. luckly she didn’t say anything to me, but janell

was really bitchy at me today, it was good seeing some of the family, but

some of them just annoy the hell out of me. there was this kid there, i forget

his name now, i guess i’m related to him, but anyway he was like 3 maybe and

has the cutest red hair, omg, it was so cute. lol. there’s alot of people

in the family with red hair, but he just had really cute dark red hair, lol.

i guess overall it was a pretty nice day. the parents only yelled at me a

bit this morning about being up so late last night, but of course i was the

first one ready to go, so they had no grounds for yelling at me. there was

something else i was going to say, but i forget it now too. oh well. hopefully

i’ll find something to do tonight. i don’t think jules is working, but i haven’t

seen xak or mandy all week. and i don’t think angie can do anything. so that

pretty much limits the possibilities. and i bet even if jules was around he

probobly wouldn’t want to do anything cause he worked 14 hours yesterday and

then we hung out tell like 12 or so and then i know he was still up when i

went to bed at 1. and then he had to be back at wally world at 8 this morning,

so yeah. why the hell did i just recap juilians day for yesterday? oh well.

it’s there.

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