My Life

May 27, 2001

may 27, #3 [hollies, "i can’t let go"] well tonight was great,

xak, mandy and vero showed up here at a really hectit time. i was just finishing

a revision of lesson plans. and i was talking to danny. and yeah. but we left

here and went and got angie then we went to xak’s and hung out there and called

jules at work. then we went and picked him up. and dean was there, and we

saw josh and joan, that was fun times. then we went to the pron shop in des

moines, i didn’t even know there was one in des moines, but the really funny

thing is that the scout shop is just down the street, so that means i drive

by there everytime i go to the shop, which is alot. and i’ve never seeen it

before. yeah we hung there for a bit. that was ok. i guess. then we went back

to xaks and hung out there, that was fun. i had alot on my mind though cause

i have to get these damn lesson plans and needs list done. and it’s hjust

really annoying me. ya know these have been rehashing my days alot and i know

alot of the people that read this were there, so they probobly don’t really

care about it, but i like doing this cause i can go back later and say oh

yeah, i remember that day. cause right now is really one of the best times

in my life and i just want to keep it here. i think it’s also good to get

some of this out and on paper, cause i mean. i think you learn by going back

and reading this stuff. so yeah. whatever. i’m damn tired.

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