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May 7, 2001

may 7, #4. [Incubus, “Drive”] alright so i’ve been trying to set my computer

up for the summer, inbetween studying of course, lol. but yeah. what i want

to do it lock down the fat32 partition that WinMe and Win98 are on, so that

i can access it as an administrator, but i don’t want the other (l)users to

be able to access it. i’ve tried setting up a share and denying the other

(l)users groups and such, but that doesn’t work, anyone have any ideas feel

free to IM me and tell me cause damnit. it’s driving me insane. i talked to

this guy today that

knows nathan, not the scout nathan, this nathan.

and he’s got a tattoo just like nathans, see.

i’m so wanting a tattoo 🙂 yeah, and i’m trying to study for accounting, i

think i got most of it down, but i don’t know for sure. yeah. it should be

a pretty easy test, but i’m not really sure. some of it’s wak.

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