March 29, 2001

March 29 #2, 12:26 pm. so i just got my tax info, i made a whoping

$1802.48 last year. yippy for that, eh. so i’m getting a whole tax refund

of$63 from the IRS and $4 from iowa, yeah. fun, fun, fun. i also got a letter

from the college that i applied to that i really want to go to, they said

that the major that i wanted wasn’t availiable to transfer studdents at the

campus that i wanted to go to, so i had to call and tell them what other campuses

i wanted it to go to, i hope those are good campuses, i haven’t checked them

out. i know one of them doesn’t have any housing, but oh well i’m sure i can

find something. i hope to god i can find something, lol. i dunno, maybe that

wasn’t such a great idea, eh. hmmm. we’ll have to see if i get in then i’ll

worry about the housing issue. yeah that sounds like a plan.

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