March 29, 2001

march 29, 7:01 am. so it’s fucking ass early. i don’t have my

first class this morning so i’m trying to get somethings done, as you can

see, since i’m updateing this i’m not getting them done. last night i got

this e-mail from my stats people that i use for this website and it said they

were closing down, so i went out and got a different stats thingy and encoded

it in to all 193 html files in my website. but now it’s not fucking letting

me upload them all, it’s giving me an error after every fucking file is put.

damn fucking ass thing. so i’m getting really pissed about this. damnit. i

didn’t talk to danny last night that was sad. i had that stupid test, i told

you it always messes things up. i think i did pretty good for on it though,

for not studying tell like 10 minutes for it was supposed to start. but oh

well. it was pretty easy. i did however call that boy late last night, wasn’t

home again, so i sent him an e-mail. i told him i was thinking bout heading

to the mall on friday since there’s no classes here and he replied back to

me “that would be kewl if you came on friday, you could stay here if youd like” yeah, whatever. we’ll see what happens, lol. i’d rather go

and stay somewhere in philly, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon,

🙁 well i’m going to go and see if this damn thing will let me update, I’m

going to have to come up with a different thing for this though cause the

files are starting to get to big, i babble to much.

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