Dec 9, 2000

Dec 9 OMG. last night was sooooooooooooo great. i was on cloud

9, i really love danny. he’s so sweet. ahhhhhhh. yeah. OMG, it was so great.

after he left i just kinda sat there thinking about him. for hours, and when

i got up this morning i just sat there thinking about how much i love him,

and what he means to me. he’s so great. i really do love him. well i haven’t

seen BJ yet today, hope all went ok with his comp fix, hehe. wouldn’t want

to cause problems for him. lol. o well i’m sure it went fine. i’m sure it

did. he’s a smart kid. Well i looked into changing my major again today. I

really do think i would love teaching it would be so much fun i really think

that it would be. you know that, i would love it. but yeah, i e-mailed a guy

from SDSU to find out what all i needed to do if i got in out there. and also

just looked round other places to see what was up with it all. yeah, danny

and me. i wonder what he’s going into, when we first met he said pre-med,

but now he says he doesn’t know for sure, that would be cool though a doctor

and a teacher. lol. yeah. but other then that nothing much has happened yet

today, it’s ony 12:30 i’ve been up sinve 7 but i didn’t get out of bed tell

9 or 10 cause i was just laying there thinking about danny, how nice it would

be to just lay there and hold him. hold him close to my body, to love him.

so see his beutiful eyes when i wake up in the morning just laying there,

how cute, i love him. cloud 9 again. ahh, i’m going to go out for a walk now.

so i’ll be back later to add more. WEEEEEEEEEEE. I’m on a danny high. REALLY

HIGH. He called me out of the blue, we only talked for like a couple minutes,

but it was cool. i love him, he’s got such a sweet voice, he talks really


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