My Life

Dec 10, 2000

Dec 10, i guess, i think it’s sunday. yeah. well yeah, yesterday

was great. but today’s sucked ass so far. i got up early, i don’t know why,

but i layed in bed for hours, just thinking about danny, again, wishing i

had him here just so icould cuddle close to him and hold him. he’s so sweet.

i love him. but yeah, it’s 3:30 now and he hasn’t been on yet. and i’ve been

trying to write this damn speech for speech class but i just can’t get it

the hell done. i’ve got so much shit to go through and i just can’t pick it

apart. and this 25 words per card shit. YEAH RIGHT. fuck no.i haven’t even

done my hair yet today, i did shave, i needed that, lol. called my G&G

to find out what’s going on for christmas they STILL don’t know. but o well.

i guess i’ll find out later sometime. i wish danny would hurry up and get

on i want to talk to him so badly. i love him.well it’s bloddy hell freezing

here. the high today was -1 with winds chills like -45 or something. it’s

bloody hell cold I’ve got my sweatshirt on my jeans and two pairs of socks

and i’m still cold. i wish danny were here to warm me up. o well i’m going

to go and try to work on that speech some more. prob won’t get much done but

i’ll try, later.

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