My Life

Dec 11, 2000

Dec 11. yeah it’s like noon or there about, it’s BLOODY FUCKING

COLD. damn it. last night we got about 4 inches of snow and it’s still snowing.

and the high today is supposed to be -2 or something and they are saying windchills

from -30 to -70 for the next week, o joy. sounds like fun damn it. i want

out of here. haven’t talked to danny yet again since sat. hope he’ alright,

i’ve sent him two e-mails now. hope he’s on tonight after my meeting so i

can talk to him. i really love him, incase you hadn’t noticed. i should be

working on those damn speeches but i don’t want to. i’ve just got total writers

block, i came up with some pretty damn good intros and stuf last night while

i was in bed, but they were just way to reveiling of me. listeing to Oaisis,

Champane SuperNova, it’s a good song, it’s been years since i last heard it

and then the other day i was on napster and suddenly had an urge to hear it

so i want and got it. hehe. it’s a good song. well i think i’m going to go

off and do something now, i don’t know what, i think maybe i’ll just go galavant

around the internet. i should be writing papers. well it’s now 6:30 and danny

still hasn’t been on. I’m sad. i miss him so much. i hope i didn’t say anything

that offened him. i don’t think i did. i miss him. that’s all i have to say,

i’m going to go pout now, i miss him so much. I love danny.

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