Dec 8, 2000

Dec 8, some time after dark. ahhhhhh, it’s been a good day so

far. went and took a test in CSC 105, that was easy, then my partner and i

got that project done, and then i came back here and wondered round for a

bit doing general stuff. then i went to a meeting with one of my teachers,

that went pretty well we went over my speeches and why i got such a low grade

on the last one, i still don’t understand why, but o well. he seems to justify

it. I’m talking to danny right now, well not RIGHT now, he had to brb for

a while he said so i’m just waiting for him to come back, i’m starting to

worry though, this is the secnod fri in a row he hasn’t gone out. very odd

for him i do beleive. o well i love him, i’m glad he’s here to talk to. o

yeah speaking of talking to people, i talked to BJ today, he’s this really

cute guy from camp that i had a crush on. it was nice to talk to him, even

though we just talked bout computer problems and stuff, but o well, he said

“talk to ya tommow” though so hey, you never know. but yeah, i think

that’s all that’s going on round here. i gotta get math done this weekend

though, that’s not a good subject for me at the moment. not good at all. well

off to do something now.

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