Dec 7, 2000

Dec 7 8:04 Pm, well it’s been a long day, kinda. we had math

bright and early this morning, god i hate that class. ARG. but yeah, some

good news did come out of the situation, he’s not going to grade the assingments

now. that’s good. i guess. but yeah and then we had programing that was damn

boring, i’m trying to get all the US-QaF songs, but can only find about 6

of them on Napster, damn them i want them ALL. now. o well. yeah i talked

to danny today, i don’t know what’s up we were talking about stuff and then

i asked him what he had done last night cause i didn’t get to talk to him

and he said he just went to sleep and then he said, “Why did you want

to come over last nigh” and i was like, that would have been nice, i

didn’t sleep well last night. and then he said “we could have kept each

other company, cause i was cold” and then i said “awwwwwwww, yeah

i heard it was cold out there yesterday, you should come out here, it was

warm today” and then he left. i figured he just got kicked off cause

it happens, but he didn’t come back it’s now 34 minutes since he logged off

and still no sign of him, do you think i did somethng wrong? i don’t know,

but danny if you read this, i want to tellyou that i don’t want to get really

close again, not yet, not this soon, he really hurt me after that thing that

happened a while back. i do LOVE him i really do and i can’t stop thinking

about him, sometimes i’m like a little school girl with a crush, i really

do love him. maybe in a while we can get really close like we were, but i

still don’t have a pic of him, don’t know his phone number, he now has a pic

of me, a live shot of me, and two phone numbers to contact me at. I love him,

i really do, but i don’t want to get as close as we were not yet, maybe in

a while, i would love to go meet him some time. i really would, i hope we

both get into cali schools. that would be the first thing i do when i get

out there, go see him. i love him so much. i really do, but o well. well i’m

going to stop now i have to get back to stuff, i don’t know what yet, but

stuff yeah.

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