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  • Oreo Cookies

    Did you all see Ben and Jerry on the Colbert Report the other night? Well check out this Oreo demo: Very funny stuff. So I was just at the Grocery store just a couple minutes ago… And this is how a checkout SHOULD go. The guy in front of me didn’t have his Albertson’s card.. […]

  • Take it or leave it

    You know, I HATE when people call me up and ask for advice on electronics or computers or what not. And then they do the exact oposite and come compain at me when what they did breaks something. IE, Evil Aunt is buying a new computer.She asks me what she should do. I say go […]

  • The Apple Debate

    I HATE when people say. “Well, because it’s a mac”… My Mac is NOT sub-par to your windows computer. I agree, that 5 or 6 years ago, before OSX came out, that YES mac’s were sub-par, you couldn’t do shit. They sucked. I’ll gladly agree to that, but anyone who says that now, is an […]

  • Other Things

    A few other things I forgot to write about… 1) On the flight from Phoenix to DSM, I sat next to a Jr VP at Wells Fargo… I gave her my resume… We talked the whole 2.5 hours of the flight. She was really nice. 2) On the flight in and out of DM, the […]

  • Don’t Wanna Be Back

    Ugh, I so don’t wanna be back at work today. I took yesterday off basically. I worked some here and there, but mostly didn’t. I sat on the beach for 2 hours and have a sun burn now. I went to the gym. I’m such a weakling now. I used to bench 130, now I […]