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Oreo Cookies

Did you all see Ben and Jerry on the Colbert Report the other night? Well check out this Oreo demo:

Very funny stuff.

So I was just at the Grocery store just a couple minutes ago… And this is how a checkout SHOULD go. The guy in front of me didn’t have his Albertson’s card.. The cashier, turned to me, and said. ‘Do you have yours?’. I told her that I didn’t have it with me, she pulled hers out of her pocket and scanned it. No hastle, no stalling, no nothing. Just did it. Clearly she knows what’s going on! haha.

I’ve been using Macs for a while now, but every once in a while I find a new built in App that I just love. Two examples have come up in the last week. First, is DigitalColor Meter. I’ve been doing TONS of webdesign over the last couple months. Everytime my boss came to me and said. “You know I really like this color from such and such website” or “here’s a graphic can you use the primary colors from it”. I’d have to either digg through the CSS or open up Fireworks and use the color picker to figure out what color it was. Well with DigitalColor Meter, it’s very easy to open it up and just hover over it to get the color I need. Amazing. And the best part is, it comes built in. I really don’t think that your Windows box has something like that!?!?!

The second thing is FileMerge. I’ve been using Differences Examiner for years, and it’s a great utility, however it doesn’t let you see what parts of a line were changed, it’s written in Java so it’s slow and you can’t compare whole directories. So today I started to look for a new utility. And amazingly enough. Apple includes this amazing app called. “FileMerge”. Let me tell you it’s great! Apple you’ve done it again!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before or not, but I did my taxes last week. I had to pay $500! Fuckers! :'( Soooo annoying.

This weekend is packed with things to do. I’m really looking forward to it!


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Take it or leave it

You know, I HATE when people call me up and ask for advice on electronics or computers or what not. And then they do the exact oposite and come compain at me when what they did breaks something.

IE, Evil Aunt is buying a new computer.She asks me what she should do. I say go to the website and find the best computer you can for what you are willing to spend. What does she do? Instead she goes to fucking QVC and buys a computer off there! UGH! She sends me the specs… She spent $900 at QVC, is selling the EXACT SAME COMPUTER for $359!! hahah

IE#2, nearly 6 years ago the G&G bought a desktop computer. I kept saying, get them a Mac, get a Mac, blah blah blah. I knew I would have to provide support for them, etc. The Evil Aunt kept saying, “No, I’ll help them, get them a computer I can help with, blah blah blah”. Well they got a dell, right off the bat I had to teach the Gma how to do everything. Some of the other family helped a little, but most of the stuff she had to learn I had to teach her. And of course now that things are really starting to get fucked up… She calls me up all the time with her problems! And it’s not EASY to talk her through things.. “You see the ‘File,Edit,View’ buttons at the top”? …. “No”. OMG! I don’t USE windows. I honestly have no idea how to do most of the steps in windows any more. If I’m sitting there using it I can do it, but trying to talk someone through deleting an Outlook Express account from memory is basically impossible for me to do over the phone. If we had got her a fucking MAC like I suggested years ago it would be NO PROBLEM!

Remember sex guy upstairs, the one that MOVED OUT!? Well the new guy is having loud sex at all hours of the night as well… And I’ve YET to figure out who the hell actually lives there. I Swear every day there’s a new guy walking in and out of there… There was one hot 20-something that was going in and out one day. YUM! But no matter who LIVES there, I’ve only seen MEN coming and going!

I am officially signed up for Tour De Palm Springs Yay! This will be my first Century (100 miles in one day!) Wish me luck! Anyone want to come out to Palm Springs for the weekend with me??? I’ll be gone all day Saturday, but Friday night and Sunday morning we can do something. Perhaps shopping at the outlet mall?

You know what’s amazing about SoCal in winter? You can ride your bike down the strand and see people wearing:

A) Laying on the beach wearing a bikini

B) Playing Volleyball in board shorts

C) Walking on the strand in shorts/t-shirt and flipflops

D) Sitting on a bench wearing jeans and a sweater

E) Walking the dog in a heavy jacket, stocking cap, and gloves

F) All of the above….

People are crazy!

I’m REALLY getting sick of people ditching me at the last minute for things. Ever since the New Year, I’ve been trying to schedule things for EVERY night of the week, be it staying in and chatting with someone, going to coffee, or hitting up a club.. I want to get out of my house. I’m tired of being stuck here.

Now, go back through and count the number of nights that I have actually gone out. It’s not near every night. Infact, it seems that MOST of my week-day activities get cancelled at the last minute. And I’m SICK of it. Chiba really pushed me over the edge on Tuesday night. He and I had made plans LAST week to go out to Beige. So I txt him at 3:30 to see if he’s still wanting to go. No reply. He gets online at 7ish and messages me… We talk for a while and after a bit I ask him if he’s still going, he says he will see…. So anyways, 9 comes, and he still doesn’t know, then 9:30.. He’s just now starting his HW…. So at 9:50 I tell him. I need to know if you are going or not because if not then I am going to bed or or if we are then I need to change. Anyways, so we got into an argument about it because it was very annoying and I just snapped because I’m so tired of people cancelling on me!

He called later that night and we had like an hour long discussion about it and how I’m so much more managed in my life then nearly everyone he or I knows here in LA. I manage my time, I manage my money. The only thing I can’t do is manage my social life! I also don’t double schedule things, so if someone cancels on me, I’m screwed. And double scheduling is a VERY LA thing to do. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to turn into an asshole just because I live here. Either way we talked and it was good, I wish we could have more in-depth convos like that to connect. It’d be nice at least. He called me again like an hour after that, I’m not sure what he wanted, but I was pretty sleepy so we just basically said Hi and then Bye. lol

Mayko said he really wanted to hang out for my Birthday, so that was nice of him. I’m thinking that Sunday I can head over his way and we can go shopping or something. I figure I can afford to spend like $300 on myself for my birthday. Maybe take a trip out to the outlet malls or what not, and I really like his style of dress, so that’d be fun!

I’m not too sure what I’m going to do for it though. I really wanted to have a group of people and go out to dinner, but since no one can ever commit to anything and two of my better friends are in a bitter fighting match right now, I just said screw it. So Friday night I’m pretty much not doing anything at this point, Saturday day I am doing laundry, that night one of the guys at work is having a bowling party which I may or may not go to depending on if I go on a ride Sunday morning. And then as I said, probably hang out with Chiba on Sunday afternoon. I’m also thinking of baking myself a Pink Champange Cake. Which behind Ice Cream Cake, is my favorite!

This morning I really wasn’t in the mood to roll out of bed, so I slept in till 6. I was on the freeway by 6:30 and traffic was already at a dead stand still. Why can’t I just work from home. Seriously, I NEVER interact with the people in this office.


My Life

The Apple Debate

I HATE when people say. “Well, because it’s a mac”… My Mac is NOT sub-par to your windows computer.

I agree, that 5 or 6 years ago, before OSX came out, that YES mac’s were sub-par, you couldn’t do shit. They sucked. I’ll gladly agree to that, but anyone who says that now, is an idiot.

Since OSX Mac’s have blown windows out of the water for everything. I don’t have to worry about getting a virus, I don’t have to worry about accidentially downloading trojan software, my browser correctly support standards, it has tabs built in, the Mail Application is useable.

My Mac has an amazing collection of applications to manage my music, photos, and everything else you could want.

I easily can use my favorite Unix applications, and with a small dwnload, I can have full X abilities!

Show me where Windows competes in any of these areas? IE doesn’t even come close to supporting standards, IE doesn’t offer even a basic ability to have tabs, the Mail application sucks, and to have even the basic usability of Unix, there’s a TON of extra things to download, and they don’t even come close to the ease of use and integration that the Mac has.

Whenever I complain about something… IE. “Why does Acrobat install Yahoo! Messanger”… it’s almost ALYWAYS because I am using a windows computer. So SOMEONE please tell me WHY THE FUCK does Acrobat install the fucking Yahoo Messager!? I NEVER have these issues on my fucking mac… When I download Acrobat, that’s the only fucking thing it installs… ETC!

The new MacPro’s beat out Dell’s pricing for similar hardware spec systems, granted, we’re talking systems that are $2,500+. Although Apple can’t yet meet the $300 price-point of some Dell systems, even the cheapest of Apple’s machines, the Mini, still beats out an equivalent Dell system in price. Also, each time Windows is released, you typically have a major slow down in your performance on your system, thus causing you to buy a new system. With MacOSX, each new release has actually brought about FASTER OS speeds to those with older systems over the previous OS release!

In short, I honestly don’t think that people who haven’t significantly used both OSes for a while should really be dissing one or the other. I have used Windows, MacOSX, and Linux in a daily operating life, as a desktop, server, and tons of other roles. In the long run, the MacOSX has proven to be far more useful and reliable then the WindowsOS for me.


Is Windows inherently more vulnerable to malware attacks than OS X?.

VT again adds machines, and again boost score.

US Army Drafts Apple Xserve for Supercomputer.

New MacPro Beats Dell Pricing.

IE 7.0 Technical Changes Leave Web Developers, Users in the Lurch.

Windows 5x More Expensive than Mac OS X.

Top 500.

When I lived in Iowa, I drove my car for ~60,000 miles, during all that time, I NEVER changed the air filter.. I know you’re supposed to, but I never noticed any problems. Since I’ve lived in OC, I changed it every couple Oil changes. NOW living in LA, it seems to be EVEN worse! Ugh!

Friday, I always look forward to getting to my office and having a NICE big office to myself, and of course …. My WONDERFUL chair. It’s so comfy and set just right… I get there this past week, and someone has STOLEN my chair! UGH! Why do people feel they can steal your chair!!!

Also, Friday I was driving down to Austin’s via PCH, lots of stop and go, traffic lights, etc. But the speed limit is 45. I got stuck behind this Mini-van.. Every light we came up to, the damn van would slow down to 15-20mph.. Even if the light was CLEARLY GREEN! It was SO annoying!

Check out the adorable Firefox Dog! I want one of my own… Too bad it’s not real. :'(

FireFox Dog!

And who says Starbucks isn’t taking over the world:

StarBucks and MacDonalds

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Other Things

A few other things I forgot to write about…

1) On the flight from Phoenix to DSM, I sat next to a Jr VP at Wells Fargo… I gave her my resume… We talked the whole 2.5 hours of the flight. She was really nice.

2) On the flight in and out of DM, the same hot boy was on both flights.. He was SO Yummy! OMG!

3) I have decided that BF’s make you a Flake! Both Jed and Justin ditched me every time I tried to hang out with them in Iowa… Now Jed, I’m used to ditching me, but Justin has NEVER ditched me.. But now that he has a bf he did every time. It was very annoying.

4) Everyone in Iowa has a bf! And it makes me sad. 🙁 I even met a cute, nice boy while I was back! Granted, they could all do better in the choice of the bf, but they all have ones, and they all seem happy about who they are with!

I started in the new Cube today.. I like the windows, nice view of the court yard. However, no one told me that I wouldn’t be able to get into the building before 7:30.. Then the internet wasn’t set up right. So I didn’t actually start working till about 9ish. Ugh!

Yay! AmEx Approved me! 🙂

I’m out

My Life

Don’t Wanna Be Back

Ugh, I so don’t wanna be back at work today. I took yesterday off basically. I worked some here and there, but mostly didn’t. I sat on the beach for 2 hours and have a sun burn now. I went to the gym.

I’m such a weakling now. I used to bench 130, now I can only do 70. I also dunnno if my asthma is just getting worse as I get older or if I’m just really out of shape, because after only 10 minutes on the elliptical machine, I was out of breath. It was horrible. I’m really sore today.

Other then that I wasted the day away at home. Watchin Mary Tyler Moore and analizing every little thing that the boy has done, or not done, over the last few days. Outlook is looking grim to me. 🙁 We do have a date set for tomorrow though. Dinner and then the new Pirates movie. I’m going to bring all this up to him then, find out what he’s looking for forsure. It just seems like he’s way too busy to have time for a bf. Perhaps it’s just all previous commitments or something.

So… net neutrality was defeted yesterday in the Senate committee.. It’s good to know that people like Senator Ted Stevens are the people who are voting for these things… Go listen to this MP3. Then PLEASE explain to me why this guy is even ALLOWED to vote on something that he clearly has NO understanding of the impact. And then read this HILARIOUS explanation as to why the internet took 5 days to get to the Senator

Also, Ken Lay died yesterday. It’s sad that he won’t rot in jail.

Phil sent me this link to “Another Gay Movie“. It looks hilarious, I can’t wait for it to come out. Andrew, here’s your mainstream gay movie that’s not sad! haha.

Also, Stranger’s With Candy comes out this month. The boy and I have a date to go see that movie as well. I can’t wait!

The company re-imbursed every penny of my moving expenses, which I am THRILLED about! 🙂 I’m out of debt again!

I posted about this forever ago, but since getting my new Mac I hadn’t installed it yet. I found a link to it on Digg over the weekend and thought it was time to re-install this nice thing.. So I did…. You should go here: Ad Blocking Hosts File. And follow the instructions. It will block those ANNOYING ass Ad’s on most sites, including! The ones on Myspace. 🙂 It’ll work for ANY Operating system, so Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix users should all go do it!