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The Apple Debate

I HATE when people say. “Well, because it’s a mac”… My Mac is NOT sub-par to your windows computer.

I agree, that 5 or 6 years ago, before OSX came out, that YES mac’s were sub-par, you couldn’t do shit. They sucked. I’ll gladly agree to that, but anyone who says that now, is an idiot.

Since OSX Mac’s have blown windows out of the water for everything. I don’t have to worry about getting a virus, I don’t have to worry about accidentially downloading trojan software, my browser correctly support standards, it has tabs built in, the Mail Application is useable.

My Mac has an amazing collection of applications to manage my music, photos, and everything else you could want.

I easily can use my favorite Unix applications, and with a small dwnload, I can have full X abilities!

Show me where Windows competes in any of these areas? IE doesn’t even come close to supporting standards, IE doesn’t offer even a basic ability to have tabs, the Mail application sucks, and to have even the basic usability of Unix, there’s a TON of extra things to download, and they don’t even come close to the ease of use and integration that the Mac has.

Whenever I complain about something… IE. “Why does Acrobat install Yahoo! Messanger”… it’s almost ALYWAYS because I am using a windows computer. So SOMEONE please tell me WHY THE FUCK does Acrobat install the fucking Yahoo Messager!? I NEVER have these issues on my fucking mac… When I download Acrobat, that’s the only fucking thing it installs… ETC!

The new MacPro’s beat out Dell’s pricing for similar hardware spec systems, granted, we’re talking systems that are $2,500+. Although Apple can’t yet meet the $300 price-point of some Dell systems, even the cheapest of Apple’s machines, the Mini, still beats out an equivalent Dell system in price. Also, each time Windows is released, you typically have a major slow down in your performance on your system, thus causing you to buy a new system. With MacOSX, each new release has actually brought about FASTER OS speeds to those with older systems over the previous OS release!

In short, I honestly don’t think that people who haven’t significantly used both OSes for a while should really be dissing one or the other. I have used Windows, MacOSX, and Linux in a daily operating life, as a desktop, server, and tons of other roles. In the long run, the MacOSX has proven to be far more useful and reliable then the WindowsOS for me.


Is Windows inherently more vulnerable to malware attacks than OS X?.

VT again adds machines, and again boost score.

US Army Drafts Apple Xserve for Supercomputer.

New MacPro Beats Dell Pricing.

IE 7.0 Technical Changes Leave Web Developers, Users in the Lurch.

Windows 5x More Expensive than Mac OS X.

Top 500.

When I lived in Iowa, I drove my car for ~60,000 miles, during all that time, I NEVER changed the air filter.. I know you’re supposed to, but I never noticed any problems. Since I’ve lived in OC, I changed it every couple Oil changes. NOW living in LA, it seems to be EVEN worse! Ugh!

Friday, I always look forward to getting to my office and having a NICE big office to myself, and of course …. My WONDERFUL chair. It’s so comfy and set just right… I get there this past week, and someone has STOLEN my chair! UGH! Why do people feel they can steal your chair!!!

Also, Friday I was driving down to Austin’s via PCH, lots of stop and go, traffic lights, etc. But the speed limit is 45. I got stuck behind this Mini-van.. Every light we came up to, the damn van would slow down to 15-20mph.. Even if the light was CLEARLY GREEN! It was SO annoying!

Check out the adorable Firefox Dog! I want one of my own… Too bad it’s not real. :'(

FireFox Dog!

And who says Starbucks isn’t taking over the world:

StarBucks and MacDonalds

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